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Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg


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University of Freiburg 

Already a comprehensive university at its founding in 1457, the University of Freiburg still offers undergraduate and graduate studies as well as professorial qualification in all important disciplines today: the humanities, natural and engineering sciences, medicine, law, and theology. This diversity also provides an ideal environment for innovative interdisciplinary studies. Nestled in the city center, the University has received multiple national awards as one of the best universities in Germany for its excellent research and teaching, and it is a creative, inspiring, and enjoyable learning, researching, and living environment for its roughly 25,000 students.


The University of Freiburg has always attracted extraordinarily talented women and men who want to live in the city and take advantage of the University’s ideal conditions to realize their research dreams. Twenty-three Nobel Prize laureates have researched, taught, and/or studied at one of the University of Freiburg’s faculties, and its achievements regularly earn it a high standing in national and international university rankings. It is currently listed as one of the top five comprehensive universities in Germany and one of the best 100 universities in the world.
The broad range of fields of study at the University of Freiburg offers great potential for innovative fundamental research in individual disciplines and in the form of interdisciplinary collaboration. The University maintains close contact at all levels with other outstanding universities and research institutions as well as industry. The University has singled out eight transdisciplinary fields that define its unique research profile and contribute to its international visibility as a hub of research. In academics, our roughly 250 degree programs at 11 faculties, of which 20 are offered in English, provide opportunities for innovative approaches. Our experienced teachers integrate their latest research in their in-person seminars and lectures, while working with students closely and flexibly all over the world with the help of online teaching and learning formats.


The University’s mission is to provide the best learning and research conditions for regular students and for continuing education, because life-long learning is our educational ideal. In this, the University is guided by the principle of the freedom of researching and teaching responsibly to prepare tomorrow’s generations for future challenges in society. Our goal is to do more than just convey knowledge; we also promote education and independent, analytical thinking. The University of Freiburg not only respects the diversity of students and teachers regarding gender, social and cultural background, worldviews, physical and mental disabilities, age, and sexual identity; we regard this diversity as an asset. Today more than ever, our outstanding research and academic standards attract talented people from all over the world. In addition, the University is located in the sunniest city in Germany – a city that is popular for its high quality of life and visitor attractions. Freiburg not only has nice shops in the lively downtown area; it also boasts picturesque, narrow streets around the Minster that are lined with small canals in the historical old town. This dynamic city with an international flair and an extraordinarily young population has a lot to offer in terms of culture, history, bustling cafés, and popular open air events. The University of Freiburg sees its role here as a generator of ideas in that it makes its research available to the public and uses various forms of knowledge transfer to engage in a conversation with local citizens, communicate results of scientific research, and incorporate ideas from society.

諮詢E-mail: international@service.uni-freiburg.de

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      British Council


      英國文化協會創立於1934 年,為英國專責推廣文化關係並創造教育機會的國際組織,在全球超過100 個國家及地區,藉由創意與知識的交流,促進不同族群與文化之間的信任與合作。我們於1996 年在台灣成立,致力於建立英國與台灣之間的互惠合作關係,服務的內容包括:
      • 透過教育展及線上諮詢,提供免費、專業及客觀的英國留學相關資訊。
      • 推動教育、英語學習、科技及藝術領域的合作交流。
      • 依據國際歐洲協會學習評量分級架構,針對國際語言認證考試,提供優質英語學習課程,包含兒童及青少年、成人、雅思考試準備課程和企業培訓。針對不同年齡層及使用族群,提供互動式免費英語學習網站。
      • 舉辦IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗及其他英國相關考試。


      英國文化協會致力推廣優質的英語教學及認證,與台灣教育部及教育局合作推動中小學英語教師培訓計劃,提供高品質英語課程,並推廣IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗,協助大眾提升英語能力並取得國際英語能力認證。

      英國文化協會積極在台灣推廣優質英語教學,與台北縣市教育局合作舉辦英語教師及校長英語培訓,推廣資訊科技融入英語教學,並與北高兩市教育局合辦寒暑假兒童英語體驗營,讓孩子不用出國也能體驗海外遊學。同時於台北開設兒童與青少年英語、成人英語、IELTS 雅思考試準備課程與商業英語課程,以國際認證外籍師資、互動式電子白板及實境溝通等創新教學,提供符合學員需求的課程內容,建立學員使用英語的自信與能力,累積高品質的學習口碑。

      IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗
      IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗是全球認可的英語能力檢定考試,目前除了被英國、澳洲、紐西蘭、加拿大及歐洲等國家廣泛採用之外,美國也有超過3,400所大學院校採納IELTS 雅思成績,包含常春藤聯盟及麻省理工學院、排名前25 名的頂尖知名學府。英國文化協會為IELTS 雅思官方考試中心,每月在北、中、南各地定期舉辦考試,並設有200 多個授權報名中心及24 小時全年無休的「IELTS 雅思線上報名系統」https://tw.ieltsasia.org/ 方便民眾報名。同時,英國文化協會也推出電腦考試,除了更多考期可選擇,考生5-7天即可拿到成績單。凡報名英國文化協會IELTS雅思考試的考生,可獲得獨家免費的IELTS 雅思線上模擬練習 - 「雅思之路」衝刺版,內含100個互動練習、9個教學影片以及2個模擬練習題。
    • 2018-05-08
      Bureau Français de Taipei Campus France Taiwan
      法國在台協會 法國教育中心
      Bureau Français de Taipei – Campus France Taiwan

      法國教育中心(Campus France)為法國官方唯一駐台留學推廣機構。歡迎利用本中心每週一至五下午2-4點對外開放時間,由教育專員針對您長或短期之留/遊學計畫,免費提供公正且客觀之諮詢服務。

      電話:(02)3518 5160
      傳真:(02)3518 5193
      開放時間:周一至周五 下午24點(不須預約)
      [捷運] 淡水信義線- 台北101/世貿站 4號出口
      台北101/世貿站(市府路): 28, 281, 537, 647, 915, BR6, BR7, BR18, BR21, G1
      台北101/世貿站(信義路5段) : 28, 207, 281, 537, 797, BL5
      台北101購物中心(松智路) : 28, 32, BL5, 537, 797, 市民小巴7

      www. taiwan.campusfrance.org







      • 提供公正客觀的個人諮詢服務
      • 提供完整課程目錄及留學須知
      • 提供課程以及獎學金搜尋引擎
      • 協助完成本中心線上註冊系統
      • 參與台灣各大學留學推廣活動
      • 主辦一年一度歐洲高等教育展

      •   學術合作暨文化處
       法國在台協會總機:(02)3518 5151 ( 上班時間8 H30-12H30 ;14H00-17H30 )
      • 簽證組

    • 2022-12-14
      *活動地點: EEFT辦公室 (台北市復興北路57號14樓之3)


      Created in 1907, ESSEC Business School is a world-school with French roots. Its purpose is to give meaning to the leadership of tomorrow and have a global impact.

      The mission of ESSEC Business School is to create and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge, to train and develop bold and influential leaders for both the business world and society as a whole. ESSEC Business School encourages students to anticipate – and meet – the economic, managerial, social, environmental and ethical challenges of our uncertain world. The school helps them achieve more and more complex goals by leveraging technology with a human touch.


      ESSEC is a graduate school with programs ranging from Bachelor to PhD, a wide range of Masters programs including our flagship Master in Management and Global MBA programs.

      The following international pre-experience programs are offered at ESSEC:
      ESSEC Global BBA

      Master in Management (MIM)
      Master in Finance (MIF)
      Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics (DSBA)
      Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB)
      MSc in Marketing Management & Digital (MMD)

      ESSEC also offers executive education and custom training designed and developed on-demand for our partners.
      ESSEC holds the “Triple crown” of accreditations for global business education: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

      Among the leading higher education institutions in management, ESSEC features at the top of numerous national and international rankings. These results underline the School’s assets, notably the quality of its programs, its graduates and the professional perspectives open to them. ESSEC is ranked the 7th best European Business School by the Financial Times.
      In terms of programs: 
      Master in Management - 3rd worldwide, Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2019
      Master in Finance - 4th worldwide, Financial Times Masters in Finance Pre-experience Ranking 2020 
      Executive Education - 5th worldwide, Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2020

      More Information: https://executive-education.essec.edu/en/program/embas-en/executive-mba-essec-weekend/program/

      The quality of ESSEC’s programs is also widely recognized by international recruiters: 98% of students in Master in Management recruited within the 6 months following graduation.

      Through its undergraduate, graduate, executive education and PhD programs, ESSEC Business School trains agile, creative and open-minded professionals and fosters a spirit of lifelong learning. Our students learn to reconcile academic knowledge and cultural heritage with their own experience to develop individual and collective freedom and success. 

      Since its creation in 1907, ESSEC Business School has built a reputation on high standards, a quest for excellence and a belief in intellectual freedom. A research driven academic institution, ESSEC has always tried to incarnate and transmit its five fundamental values of humanism, innovation, responsibility, excellence and diversity.

      At the core of the ESSEC learning experience is a combination of excellence and distinctiveness. ESSEC’s unique educational model is based on education by experiences, that foster the acquisition of cutting-edge knowledge with the development of know-how and life skills. At ESSEC, we aim to empower students and give them the keys to imagine, create, lead and have a positive impact in the business world of tomorrow.

      ESSEC invests to develop a unique learning approach that brings together knowledge, know-how and soft skills. ESSEC has been able to innovate and propose differentiating learning experiences to its students by combining a top-level academic education, professional experience and personal fulfilment. This unique learning model is a singular characteristic and a strength that ESSEC puts into perspective to take into account the impact of technological and cultural developments on the jobs of tomorrow, thereby remaining relevant in the training of future generations of leaders and entrepreneurs. This educational model will benefit from the values of our School – the latter necessarily forming the heart of the ESSEC experience – to educate leaders able to understand our major societal stakes, capable of adapting to the increasingly rapid changes and influencing them, who facilitate their implementation, and who inscribe the human dimension of business and management at the heart of their practices.

      "The Pioneering Spirit".
      Throughout its history, ESSEC has indeed been illustrated by some innovations that were subsequently taken over by other business schools.
      ESSEC was the first French business school to create a student forum in 1961; and a Junior Enterprise in 1967.
      It was also the first business school to open its access to women in 1969.
      In the 1970s, ESSEC was the first business school to set up an à la carte program for its students. Today, this flexibility is one of its hallmarks: students can choose 70% of their courses and place them at the time of their choice in their schooling.
      In 1986, it was also the first French business school to partner with large companies to create corporate chairs.
      In 1994, it introduced the first business apprenticeships in higher education.
      In 1997, it was the first school outside North America to be accredited by AACSB (the leading accreditation body for business schools).
      In 2015, it became the first business school in the world to offer its students the opportunity to create their own courses.
      In a more general way, the pedagogy set up is innovative with a first trimester focused on the preparatory class / school transition, SPOCs, MOOCs, inverted classes and learning by doing

      ESSEC is a world-school. Our International campuses in Asia-Pacific and Africa are dual gateways that allow students to really immerse themselves into different cultures worldwide and develop genuine expertise about business in those regions. They allow our school to build deeper alliances with academic, private and public partners in those regions that are growing at an accelerated pace. ESSEC has built a network of alliances with academic partners worldwide so that its students’ learning journey is a true international one.

      One School, 4 campuses

      Located at 35 minutes from the centre of Paris, the Cergy campus, in the heart of the new town, is an area designed for studying, sharing, and communicating.

      Paris La Défense
      Located in the famous CNIT building, in the heart of Europe’s largest business district, this campus is designed to meet the needs of executive education participants.

      In the heart of the One-North sector, dedicated to research, teaching and entrepreneurship, the new Asia-Pacific campus welcomes full-time students and executive education participants to 6,500 m² of academic facilities. Inaugurated in May 2015, this campus is both at the forefront of technology while meeting the most demanding environmental norms and standards.

      Rabat (Morocco)
      Baptised ESSEC Africa-Atlantic and launched in 2016, this new campus is located in the municipality of Sidi Bouknadel in the heart of the Rabat-Salé urban area. It hosts ESSEC’s academic activities, notably a track from the Global BBA program, and those directed in partnership with the Ecole Centrale based in Casablanca and high-level Moroccan academic institutions such as the International University of Rabat.


      ESSEC’s 163 permanent faculty members - representing 37 nationalities - have been trained in the most prestigious academic institutions in the world and publish their work in the best international academic journals. Through their research and participation in the public debate they help businesses, organizations and society as a whole to anticipate the economic, managerial, social, environmental and ethical challenges of the future.
      The faculty is organized into departments covering the entire range of economic disciplines: management, accounting and management control, marketing, finance, economics, public and private policy, information systems, decision sciences and statistics, operations management.
      74 talented students are also currently enrolled in ESSEC’s PhD program.


      The 30 teaching and research chairs bring ESSEC into close collaboration with companies keen to develop innovative skills in their sector. Their role is to advance management science and practice in response to the latest challenges in the global environment.

      ESSEC graduates are known for their spirit of entrepreneurship, and throughout their training
      students are encouraged to imagine, create and take initiative. ESSEC has developed an
      entrepreneurial ecosystem completes with seed capital, a business incubator, a social incubator and a business accelerator. Since the creation of ESSEC Ventures in 2000, 252 companies have been created - with a 5-year survival rate of 72%.


      ESSEC is at the heart of a powerful ecosystem of partners worldwide. The school offers 30 double degrees with prestigious academic partners including Centrale-Supélec, the ENSAE, the École du Louvre, École Normale Supérieure, Saint-Cyr or University of Mannheim - Business School in Germany, Guanghua School of Management (Beijing University) in China, Università Bocconi in Italia, EGADE, Tec of Monterrey in Mexico, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
      It has forged partnerships with 218 prestigious universities spanning all 5 continents. These include the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago, Bocconi University and IE Business School, the Keio Business School in Tokyo, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tsinghua University, National Taiwan University, University of Cape Town and University of Queensland in Australia...

      ESSEC is a founding member of The Council on Business and Society, an international alliance created with 5 other leading business schools to study the critical issues facing businesses and society.


      ESSEC has a duty to be at the forefront in order to give meaning to the leadership of tomorrow. Our ambition is to become a world-school with French roots and global impact.
      This ambition is based on the excellence and the distinctiveness of ESSEC to offer a unique and relevant learning experience.
      Our mission is, more than ever, to accompany our students, participants and companies to evolve in this world in perpetual change by calling upon the research, innovation and human values which have always driven us.

      Our role is first and foremost to train the next generations for them to effectively enter the corporate world and have a positive impact on business and society and for the common good. They will have to develop skills in terms of openness, analysis, and adaptation to the new jobs of the future.
      But our role goes even further: we must have a positive impact on companies, the economy, society and on this ever-changing world.

      Being a responsible leader means being able to see beyond business as usual. Responsible leaders are able to value long-term benefits over short-term profits; they are able to blend corporate performance with employees’ well-being. To prepare its students for the world of tomorrow, ESSEC’s pedagogy seeks to awaken and develop creative and critical thinking, together with the learning-by-doing method.

      Responsible leaders are those who can see the broader picture. ESSEC is a full ecosystem at the crossroad of rigorous and relevant research, innovation, business and society. At ESSEC we believe in bringing research and companies into the classroom, we also believe that learning doesn’t end with a degree: learning at ESSEC means becoming a life-long learner and joining a close-knit community of more than 60,000 Alumni all across the globe.

      To anticipate and facilitate transformation and change, and influence them, we must strengthen our commitment to cutting-edge and relevant research capable of nourishing the economy and society, and to shed light on current challenges as well as those to come.

      To meet the needs and stakes of our students, participants, companies and more widely the expectations of today’s society, ESSEC must turn towards the world arena and position itself as a reference business school, renowned for its quality and values, by the academic, professional and public communities.

      ESSEC is a school that welcomes an increasing number of international students and faculty every year. We train our students and participants to work in an increasingly global economy while setting the values which are dear to ESSEC at the heart of our pedagogy: ethics, social responsibility and inclusiveness, as well as respect for diversity and care for the common good.
      To become a World-School, we are strengthening our transnational reach which enables us to immerse our students and participants across continents which are changing and growing at a rapid pace. Our school is committed to becoming more and more an actor within its local communities, to be an integrated partner working with social, public and private actors within
      each community where it is located. 

      Finally, the World-School is embodied by the creation of the fifth ESSEC campus: The Digital Campus. Virtual and complementary to the existing campuses, this platform will guide students from their application to their graduation, then throughout their lives as alumni, by enriching their experience via personalized tracks, an adaptive learning path and exclusive learning and professional content. By combining digital technologies and AI, the Digital Campus will make ESSEC a platform, accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

      Contact information ESSEC Business School, Taipei :
      Maxime Chatellier
      Line: Maxime Chatellier
      Email: chatellier@essec.edu

      Official website: https://www.essec.edu

    • 2022-12-14
      TIAS Business School of Tilburg University
      我們將在2023/01/11(三)晚上7點,為大家帶來線上講座,此次(線上)講座內容包含:TIAS課程資訊以及申請流程,後續更提供CV assessment 以及1-1 諮詢的機會!歡迎報名: https://bit.ly/3EHqjp9


      荷蘭TIAS商學院是歐洲頂尖商學院之一,為荷蘭排名第2,歐洲排名前30的商學院,提供國際學生Full-time MBA以及Full-time MScBA兩項一年制的商業企管碩士課程。TIAS商學院著名的幾項特點包含:小班制教學,高度國際化的環境,以及專業的個人職涯導師與顧問提供的強而有力的輔導,達成96%的學生在畢業後三個月內立即邁入職場。

      TIAS商學院有來自哈佛、INSEAD的國際頂尖師資、超過20個國籍的多元化學生組成及關注個人天賦與能力的職涯發展課程(Personal and Career Development Program, PCDP),為進軍全球企業,培養關鍵能力。

      課程包括工商管理碩士(MScBA)、企業管理碩士(MBA)、高階企業管理碩士(EMBA, Executive Masters,)、企業管理博士(DBA)等。同時,荷蘭 TIAS 商學院長期為跨國企業中高階經理人量身定制領導與管理課程,以因應組織的重大變革與調整,並持續維持市場領先地位,已連續六年被英國金融時報評為荷蘭排名第一的企業定制課程,多元且國際化的企業客戶包括Rabobank (荷蘭第二大銀行)Randstad (全球第二大人力資源顧問公司)SHV (荷蘭前十大企業集團)、荷蘭商會(負責企業設立登記及政策建議,促進荷蘭經濟發展)等。

      TIAS商學院所有課程皆通過權威管理教育機構認證,如AMBA、AACSB及NVAO 等。到目前為止,已有近百位台灣學生從荷蘭TIAS商學院畢業,這些台灣學生在課業方面表現良好,畢業後的職涯發展也十分優秀!

      歡迎想了解荷蘭TIAS商學院一年制MBAMScBA 2023秋季班的課程內容、申請方式及獎學金,以及畢業後思考未來職涯發展的同學們踴躍報名參加2023/01/11線上說明會,謝謝!



    • 2022-12-13
      Rennes School of Business
      我們將於2023/01/12 晚上19:50 - 20:30 邀請Rennes School of Business台灣校友會會長,舉辦實體說明會,最新的課程資訊,聽到第一手學長姊的經驗分享,更可以了解台灣校友會的服務。歡迎報名參加
      *活動地點: EEFT辦公室 (台北市復興北路57號14樓之3)



      雷恩是法國布列塔尼省的首府,為西北部第二大城市,也是重要的觀光都市。雷恩因以其優異的城市生活品質而深受法國人民喜愛,曾被法國雜誌《L'Express》評為 「全法最宜居的城市」。



      學校官網: https://www.rennes-sb.com/

    • 2023-01-19
      Technische Universitaet Ilmenau
      德國 Technische Universitaet Ilmenau
      我們將於2023/02/22 晚上7點邀請學校代表共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/qZqX5y

      The history of the TU Ilmenau is characterized by its training of engineers, particularly in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Today, engineering, sciences, economics, and media are the pillars of the university’s education and research. The university is also bound to its scientific tradition in its future development.

      This tradition, along with the strong interdisciplinary connection to the economic and social sciences as well as to the natural sciences, determines the profile of the university. Its firm aim is to be counted among the best academic, technologically oriented educational establishments.

      Modern forms of study and innovative courses are developed and supported by the university. The strong commitment of its staff and the sound education of the students, including professional supervision, receive high-level academic recognition.

      The TU Ilmenau is a state-founded higher education establishment with about 5,500 students. We are proud that our university is a very international university. More than 1,700 of our students are international students from about 100 countries around the world.

      Our university does not charge any tuition fee. The university upholds high standards, both in terms of academic content and the facilities offered to the students. At Ilmenau, the combination of a friendly, personal academic setting with pleasant social conditions has long been a trademark of this university.


      International Student - Undergraduate Program List
      International Student - Graduate Program List
      International Researchers – Scientific Career

      International Student network: 

      校園一覽: The Campus of the TU Ilmenau

      認識所在城市: Ilmenau - a university town with Goethe associations

      學生住宿 Accommodation for Students

      Facebook / LinkedIn / YouTube

      Media Technology (English)
      Media- and Communication Science (English)
      Film Elektrochemie – Galvanotechnik (Deutsch)
      Film Campusrundgang (Deutsch)

      Supported by 
    • 2023-01-05
      Burgundy School of Business
      我們將於2023/02/10 (五) 晚上7點邀請學校代表及台灣校友共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/vmxX1j

      法國勃艮第高等商學院(Burgundy  School of  Business)自1899年成立以來,其教學與研究均處於法國管理學院的領先地位,為法國大學校聯盟(CGE 成員,擁有AACSB EQUIS 兩大商學院認證。 屬於全球前1%的頂級商學院。 其開設的「葡萄酒管理」與「文化藝術管理」兩大專業聞名於世。 學校在法國本土以及國際上招收從學士學位到碩士學位的學生,其葡萄酒管理與文化產業管理這兩個碩士專案常年佔據《EDUNIVERSAL》專業排行榜第一,三年制學士學程在《學生報》上排到法國第四位。 2021年最近《金融時報》全球最佳商學院排名中,勃艮第高等商學院列第63名,法國商學院排名第13名 勃艮第高商地處勃艮第大區首府,世界文化遺產保護城市,歐洲中心樞紐城市 - 第戎市,並同時擁有巴黎,里昂,共三個校區,里昂校區於2020 經過全面改造后重裝上陣,以全新的面貌迎接更多優秀學生。 勃艮第高商擁有悠久的人文傳統,開設多個專業均以學生為本,注重教學法的創新,英法雙語教學,從學士到MBA課程齊備,並頒發法國國家文憑證書,被各國教育部認證。 目前在校生超過2600位,來自66個不同國家,國際學生約佔總人數的四分之一,擁有72個常任教授與305個客聘教授,擁有215個合作院校遍及全球,同時還有一個獨立的葡萄酒學院,一個研究實驗室,三個企業教研室與一個創業孵化器。 同時,勃艮第高等商學院還是勃艮第·孔岱高校聯盟成員之一。 該聯盟擁 56000 餘名在校學生,由位於法國中東部的22 所高等學府組成。 成員之間在科研、教學方面互相支持,學生可以共享成員高校的資源,互認學分,並共同為勃艮·孔岱地區的發展輸送人才。

      教學特點 Academic Excellence
      · 全法唯一提供從學士到MBA全階段葡萄酒貿易相關專業的高等學府
      · 以市場為導向的教育理念
      · 真實場景教學,獨一無二的酒莊之旅
      · 學生可獲得國際化學習以及實習機會
      · 學校位於頂級葡萄酒產區
      · 小班授課,每班20-40 人,獨立教室
      · 全英文或全法語授課


      管理學學士Bachelor in Management
      大學校專案-管理學碩士 Master in Management
      理科碩士 Master of Science
      • 葡萄酒管理碩士 - Msc Wine Management
      • 葡萄酒、旅遊與美食永續化展碩士  Msc Sustainable Wine Tourism & Gastronomy
      • 藝術與文化管理碩士-  Msc Arts & Cultural Management
      • 人工智慧與數位化管理碩士 - Msc Artificial Intelligence & Digital Technology Management
      • 數據分析與商務決策碩士 -  MSc in Data Science and Organisational Behaviour
      • 企業金融與投資銀行碩士-  MSc Corporate Finance & Investment Banking
      • 氣候變化與企業金融碩士  Msc Climate Change & Corporate Finance
      • 綠色科技與永續管理碩士  MSc GreenTech & Sustainable Societies
      • 奢侈品管理與創新碩士-  MSc Luxury Management & Innovation

      葡萄酒與烈酒MBA - MBA Wine & Spirits Business

      專業碩士 Mastères Spécialisés
      • 葡萄酒與烈酒國際貿易碩士 MS  CIVS
      • 文化與藝術產業管理碩士 MS  MECIC
      學校官網 : https://www.bsb-education.com/?lang=en

    • 2022-12-07
      Vrije Universiteit Brussel
      我們將於2023/01/17 (二) 晚上19:50 - 20:30 邀請學校代表共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎想知道這個歐盟總部所在地,政治、經濟重心,許多歐盟相關的第一手消息都在比利時。如何培育自己成為專業人士的機會和準備,報名參加: 


      A university with character

      For more than 188 years VUB has helped build a better society as an innovative, free inquiring and critical thinking university. A never-ending quest for knowledge, insights and enlightenment form the golden thread in all we do in education, research and social commitment.

      Diverse, inclusive, personal
      VUB has been a pioneer in internationalisation in Belgium. Thanks to its strong international orientation VUB is home to a vibrant community of international scholars. Over 23% of the university’s 20,100 students are of foreign origin, representing 148 countries.


      English-taught programmes to meet your interest
      VUB offers a wide variety of English-taught programmes supported by high-quality interdisciplinary research. Our system of majors and minors enables students to plan and personalise the curriculum in a way that best meets your interests. All degree programmes offered by VUB are accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO), ensuring that they meet the highest predefined quality standards.


      Research excellence
      VUB aims to deliver high quality research that is both locally grounded and has strong international recognition. Over 50% of the PhD students at the VUB are international. They are enrolled in one of the over 30 PhD trajectories VUB offers. Through the three Doctoral Schools PhD students get free access to a wide range of elective courses meant to support them in acquiring and developing the skills they need.


      Connected to the world
      VUB offers many joint and double-degree programmes at master’s and PhD level, giving students the opportunity to study at both VUB and partner institutions in Belgium or overseas.


      A step up in your career
      It goes without saying that Brussels offers unique career opportunities. As the home to more than 2,000 international organisations and companies, it offers a wide range of internship possibilities and future career options. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel will be a step up in your career. Internships can be a part of your degree programme or can be chosen as an alternative to some courses.

      NEW: Work after your studies
      Extending your stay in Belgium to find a job after you’ve graduated with the orientation year. As of August 2021, the Non-EU students in possession of a Belgian residence permit are eligible for a stay of 12 months to search for a job or to carry out an independent activity. All information can be found on our website.


      Student life - Being the capital of Europe, Brussels is an international city link no other
      There are many reasons to study in Belgium: world-renowned universities, excellent opportunities for international networking, famously multicultural and multilingual cities, a host of regional cuisines and specialties, beautiful countryside, overall high quality of life, and, of course, those fantastic Belgian waffles. Being in the heart of Europe, Belgium is connected to much of the continent. You can get to Paris, London and Amsterdam by train in less than 2 hours.

      The VUB offers students more than just a great educational experience. Brussels, the heart of Europe and the capital of Belgium is an open invitation to exploring a truly international city. With its 1.2 million inhabitants, of whom 31% are of foreign origin, Brussels is the centre of international politics and business. Although Dutch and French are official languages in Belgium, English is widely spoken in Brussels by native Belgians and internationals because of the numerous international political organizations. Brussels is the location for over 40,000 employees in the headquarters of the European Union, 4,000 NATO employees, more than 180 embassies, and a city counting the highest concentration of diplomatic missions in the world.


      Being a student at the VUB
      Being a middle sized university has its advantages. First of all, it allows frequent personal contact between students, professors and teaching assistants. This is part of a real direct-contact culture that is well embedded within the university. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to interact with each other through group assignments within the curriculum and through the various extracurricular activities. VUB is #2 in Belgium in terms of student-staff ration (Source: QS World University Rankings).


      All-in campuses
      Student accommodation, sports facilities, restaurants and cafés, a university library, study guidance centre, a student bookshop, located in a vibrant area full of shops and cafés.
      Take a closer look at our campuses through our 360° virtual campus tours. English taught programmes at Vrije Universiteit Brussel:

      PhD in all disciplines, to see what programme, please visit, https://www.vub.be/en/our-research/earning-doctorate-vub

      Tuition fee:

      Thanks to the government subsidies, Non-EEA students only need to pay from 1092 to 4284 Euro per year depending on the programme (not including few special programmes which require higher fee).

      Application procedure:
      In order to apply you have to fill in the online application form (link below) and submit all required documents as specified on the programme page mentioned above.

      How to apply: https://www.vub.be/en/studying-vub/apply-and-enrol-vub/application-and-enrolment/start-your-application

      Application deadlines (to start courses in September 2023)
      • Before 1 April 2023 for non-EEA students(who needs a visa for Belgium)
      • Before 1 September 2023 for EEA citizens or no-EEA citizens living in Belgium with a valid resident permit
      Academic calendar: https://www.vub.be/en/about-vub/key-data-vub/academic-calendar

      Other information:
      Please do not hesitate to send an email to prospective.students@vub.be if you need any further information.
    • 2023-01-04
      Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)- International Schools: Carl Benz School and HECTOR School
      我們將於2023/2/1 (三) 晚上7點邀請學校代表共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/lZOl86

      想成為” 德國製造”的工程師嗎?  到德國歷史最悠久的理工大學、德國理工大學九校聯盟成員之一,在自然科學及工程領域國際領先的大學建立起屬於你自己的專業留學之路。

      Study Bachelor's and Master's at a leading research university in Germany's engineering hub!

      The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) is one of the top German universities in Engineering and worldwide. It offers English-taught degree programs with a high level of service in Germany at the following schools: Carl Benz School of Engineering and HECTOR School of Engineering.

      The Carl Benz School of Engineering (CBS) is the Mechanical Engineering College of the KIT and directly located in the heart of Karlsruhe, Germany. CBS offers a Mechanical Engineering (International) Program with the final degree Bachelor of Science. The Carl Benz School strives to provide its students the best education and training to prepare new leaders in engineering, development and production. Specializations are offered in Global Production Management, Energy Engineering and Automotive Engineering.

      The HECTOR School of Engineering & Management is the Technology Business School of the KIT. Since 2005, it offers executive Master of Science Programs in different engineering subjects:
      • Energy Engineering & Management
      • Financial Engineering
      • Information Systems Engineering & Management
      • Mobility Systems Engineering & Management
      • Management of Product Development
      • Production & Operations Management

      Carl Benz School of Engineering
      HECTOR School of Engineering & Management

      Supported by 

    • 2022-12-15
      SRH University Heidelberg
      德國 SRH University Heidelberg
      想到德國留學,該選擇一般大學,還是應用科大呢? 德國應用科技大學的成立歷史不如綜合大學悠久,學校多與當地企業合作,提供實務知識的訓練,讓學生獲得具備符合職業需求的專業知識,畢業後普遍能成功就業,失業率僅1%。就讓校代給你需要的資訊和建議。

      我們將於2023/02/08 (三) 晚上7點邀請學校代表Ms. Araceli Gonzalez共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: 


      Heidelberg, located in the largest technology cluster in Europe (The Rhein-Neckar Metropolregion), is home to many international companies as well as SMEs. Studying at SRH University Heidelberg in our Big Data & Business Analytics, M.Sc. (EN) Programme is the first step into your international career. The programme combines in-depth knowledge and understanding of the complete data science process. You will learn how to apply analytical or machine learning/deep learning techniques to solve complex data problems. The data storytelling and communication part of this programme, which will enable you to leverage data to reveal valuable insights to the stakeholders for decision making. A critical and highly sought-after skill in any industry around the world!

      Our programme is designed in a way that it becomes more extensive and complex from semester to semester. The first semester covers the basic data analytics, and here you’ll gain a solid ground of theory and practice with respect to machine learning, data visualization, data management and data enginnering. The second and third semesters are self-contained units. The theoretical and practical knowledge gained is applied and enhanced in different case studies that become increasingly complex as your study progresses.

      Not only is it important what you plan to study or where you plan to study, it is important how you will learn and master the material. Therefore, we have developed our award-winning teaching principle, CORE – Competence Oriented Research and Education. This means you will be learning in a practical setting and expected to participate actively in the class. In addition to your programme, we invite you to take advantage of complimentary offers, such as language courses, digital courses, or communication skills, so you can shape your own learning outcome. Not only focusing on hard skills but soft skills too, our graduates are known for being well-prepared and adaptable individuals, who cannot only do the job but work as part of an international team.


      For those with the entrepreneurial spirit, you can start your own business in our incubator, “Gründer-Institut”. This is not limited to business students, but students in any programme can get support for their start-up, including mentorship, office space, and special networking opportunities. Even if you don't plan to start your own company, we offer workshops focused on career options in the region as well as offer personal support at our Career Development Centre.

      We encourage all our students to gain international experience during their studies. Be it internationalisation at home, such as International Week or student clubs, or completing a semester/internship/thesis abroad all students have ample opportunities to get involved with the international community. With more than 80 partner universities, students can choose a location that fits their personal and professional goals.

      Shortly before or after graduation, we offer additional support through the Alumni Management Network. We advise individually on the topics of job entry and career and offer support with a large network in the companies of the region. Our aim is to create a worldwide network of our alumni. The focus is on interpersonal exchange, with the mentoring programme between graduates and current students of our university close to our hearts.

      We pride ourselves on providing individual support to each applicant, so we invite you to connect with us at this event and check our homepage. There you can find ways to connect with current students via Unibuddy or write to our Admissions Team or your faculty of interest directly.

      學校官網:  https://www.hochschule-heidelberg.de/en/

      Supported by
    • 2022-11-25
      University of Europe for Applied Sciences
      我們將在2023/01/06 (五)晚上7點,為大家帶來位於德國的歐洲應用科技大學University of Europe for Applied Sciences線上講座, 歡迎報名: https://bit.ly/3HvIFeK

      歐洲應用科技大學簡稱UE 柏林·伊瑟隆·漢堡·波茨坦
      培養未來成功企業家、設計師以和工程師起點,培養了眾多聞名于商界人才。有著“孕育企業家搖籃”的美譽。開設商科經濟、科技工程、藝術設計、心理學、體育賽事管理等特色前沿創新專業。開設本科預科,本科,碩士,自由選擇英文或者德語授課。經過近 20 年在商業領域,經濟領域,新科技領域及藝術設計領域的學術沉澱及探索,專業課程與 4.0 時代科技緊密融合!


      2019CHE 教學品質名列前10 UE 榮獲“ADC全球創新專業名列第20 200+頂尖合作夥伴提供實習與就業,93%就業率,其國際化程度名列25 

      歐洲應用科技大學(簡稱 UE)把跨學課理念融入到與知名大公司及研究院合作
      專案通過這種方式,UE 的學生在合作專案中受益應用UE 200+全球合作夥伴,為UE在讀和畢業生提供實習和就業崗位機遇。部分知名大公司有:斯普格林集團,大眾,奧迪,賓士, Twitter, 戴姆勒,聯合利華,歐綠寶柏林籃球隊,皇家馬德里,SAP等知名企業。

      2018UE71% 碩士畢業生在畢業前簽訂企業畢業前及畢業後12個月內畢業生就業率93%

      UE 國際就業指導中心國際就業服務中心利用企業和校友關係資源網路,為每位學員提供個人職業規劃路徑和就業申請指導。UE在讀學生可通過Job Teaser, 預約就業指導中心老師,一對一實習和就業崗位申請前輔導。




      · UE商學院教授,MBA專業教授
      · 多特蒙德工業大學商業管理博士學位,主修戰略管理
      · 曾擔任多特蒙德TMC GmbH公司、GRODI公司、AL-IB諮詢公司等多家集團和中小型公司獨立董事和高級戰略顧問

      VOLKER POOK 教授 - 傳媒設計

      UE 傳媒設計專業教授
      • 曾在企業IG(現改名為THE BRAND UNION)和沃爾夫•奧林斯(Wolff Olins)
      • 曾任職Playframe 的創意總監,和管理委員會的成員

      2012—“印刷優秀證書”,美國紐約打字指導俱樂部;“紅點”國際通信設計獎; “柏林式”金獎;德意志聯邦共和國設計獎提名;

      Peter Crnokrak
      Love Will Tear Us Apart Again榮獲”European Design Awards 2022 | 2022歐洲設計獎”銀獎,這是Crnokrak教授個人第二次獲得歐洲設計獎。

      Peter Crnokrak教授已在超過125種書籍、期刊和雜誌上發表文章,並贏得了多項國際競賽,包括:The Webbys、AIGA365、德國設計獎、Core77設計獎、國際印刷設計師協會和歐洲設計獎。他的作品曾在東京、巴黎、紐約和洛杉磯等世界各地展出。2019年Charlotte和 Peter Fiell的著書《平面設計資料手冊:100 位最佳當代平面設計師》中對他進行了專題介紹。

      • 2018—歐洲設計獎:資訊設計金獎
      • 2018—德國設計獎:優秀通信設計
      • 2017—核心77設計獎:視覺傳達
      • 2010 年,被授予皇家藝術學會會員資格,以表彰其在設計和資料視覺化方面屢獲殊榮的專業知識

      *** 校園景色 ***


    • 2022-12-14
      IULM University
      我們將在2023/01/11 (三)晚上7點,為大家帶來線上講座,校代將詳細介紹課程、校園生活和相關資訊!歡迎報名: https://bit.ly/3EHqjp9

      Università IULM is the center of excellence in Italy for training in Communication and New Media, Languages, Tourism, Arts and Design.

      The IULM campus is located in Milan, one of the world’s capitals of fashion, design and creative industries. Milan is one of the safest and most student-friendly cities in Europe, a vibrant and dynamic place where students can plan and build their future in a stimulating environment. 

      The campus offers priceless facilities for both learning and living. Surrounded by a flowered garden, it is an attractive place to study as well as an important venue for concerts, exhibitions and conferences, cultural and artistic events thereby making the University a multipurpose cultural center for the city of Milan. IULM is a University with dynamic teaching and learning methods, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, from Communication to New Media, from Arts to Languages and from Tourism to Fashion and Creative Industries. 

      The Academic Offer is composed of 6 undergraduate programs including 1 bachelor degree in Corporate Communication entirely taught in English, 7 two-year master’s degree courses, 2 of which – Hospitality and Tourism Management and Strategic Communication - offer a dual degree entirely taught in English. In addition to this, there are more than 30 one-year masters’ degrees.
    • 2023-01-04
      Cesar Ritz Colleges & Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland & Swiss Hotel Management School & Hotel Institute Montreux
      我們將在2023/02/23 (四) 晚上7點-8點30分邀請瑞士酒店管理大學聯盟Swiss Education Group 帶來四所知名的瑞士飯店管理及瑞士廚藝館理大學的實體說明會,校代將提供最新的課程資訊,課程費用,生活資訊和畢業後的職涯發展相關訊息。對飯店管理、廚藝管理及相關管理專業的同學及家長,歡迎報名參加
      *活動地點: EEFT辦公室 (台北市復興北路57號14樓之3)



      Swiss Hotel Management School
      瑞士飯店管理大學 (Swiss Hotel Management School) 2022年全球排名第三, 並在學術聲譽評分上為全球排名第二, 學校結合瑞士在地旅館業者所傳承豐厚的最佳經營實務,以及前瞻性的創新學習工具。SHMS重視實用的課堂,學以致用的校外實習,以及符合現實的餐旅專題,是課程的重要元素,不僅強化課堂所學,學生也能藉此機會發展自身的專業與維生技能。


      Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland
      瑞士廚藝管理大學 (Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland)於全球廚藝學院中排名最高,同時也獲得了世界第一餐飲廚藝學校的殊榮,這反映了其教學和設施的卓越品質瑞士廚藝管理大學教學團隊由國際星級飯店主廚、米其林餐廳主廚組成,教師擁有豐富的業界經驗與精湛廚藝,傳授學生烹飪技巧、專業技能、經營管理能力等,培養學生成為新世代美食料理行業的大廚及管理人才。


      César Ritz Colleges Switzerland
      瑞士凱撒里茲大學 (César Ritz Colleges Switzerland),自1982年成立至今,一直以培養學生具有專業的知識、技術、態度與素養為目標,師資優異,教學嚴謹,成功的為業界培育出無數傑出人才。提供學生多樣的學習環境及無與倫比的生活體驗,使學生更具有環抱世界的宏觀與能力。其課程最大的特色是成功的將瑞士旅館管理的藝術與現代化的科學管理相結合,學生們既有旅館服務業不可或缺的實務經驗,又擁有成為高級經理人所須的管理知識,奠定了邁向成功的基礎。


      Hotel Institute Montreux
      蒙特勒飯店管理大學 (Hotel Institute Montreux) 學校位在市中心提供學生最先進的學習環境蒙特勒飯店管理大學與企業領導品牌共同合作開立課程,確保提供給學生最新的產業趨勢與相關技能,藉此增強學術與產業的連結性與知識準確度。產學合作課程包含邀請企業經理人擔任客座講師,提供業界實務經驗、案例分享和進行企業參訪,並為HIM提供大量的實習和工作機會。
    • 2023-01-04
      Technische Universität Darmstadt
      我們將於2023/02/15 (三) 晚上7點,邀請達姆工大亞洲辦公室主任以及學校相關科系代表,共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/YdoQjl


      有考慮 CP 值更高的德國大學嗎? 想要享受優質德國大學免費教育、德國工作就業前景樂觀等優點。就來聽聽德國老牌理工科大學,以工程學,自然科學及建築學等而聞名,想成為專業理工專業人才,就要加入德國九所卓越理工大學聯盟TU9 成員之一的著名大學課程和人脈。以及聽聽德國最古老的海德堡大學,是德意志神聖羅馬帝國繼布拉格和維也納之後開設的第三所大學。 校內其專業課程廣泛,專業的人才的搖籃。

      Institute of Materials Science at Technical University of Darmstadt
      Materials Science is a key discipline that provides a multitude of solutions for technical and socially relevant challenges, especially for future technologies in the fields of energy, climate and environmental protection, mobility and health. The knowledge of Materials Science enables the development of technical materials with new or improved properties as well as the related fabrication, application or recycling processes. This includes the entire life cycle from components to recycling or material reuse. Materials Science students at the Technical University of Darmstadt are prepared for the challenging tasks involved in developing and investigating these modern materials and the related processes. The combination of engineering and natural science topics in Materials Science encompasses a broad spectrum of innovative fields of study, research and application.


      Supported by 
    • 2023-01-12
      EICAR The International Film and Television School Paris
      我們將於2023/02/8 (三) 晚上7點50分,邀請巴黎國際電影電視學校代表,共同舉辦線上說明會。法國巴黎國際電影電視學校成為歐洲主要的電影電視學胶,為世界各地的學生提供當今最大範圍且最新的設備工具,包括電影製作中的技巧與所需知識。就來法國學習最先進和最新電影電視專業人才。歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/ymaXyD
      更多學校詳請,請上: https://www.eicar.fr/

      The school of creative industries in Paris

      EICAR The International Film and Television School Paris, was founded in 1972. The International Department, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, was founded in 2000.
      The EICAR international Department prepares the filmmakers of tomorrow with a comprehensive practical degree program incorporating the following disciplines:
      • Filmmaking and Audiovisual
      • Sound and Music
      • Production
      • Acting and Stage

      A Training Ground for Excellency
      Our degree programs and one year programs have been designed by professionals in the field. Our philosophy of « learning by doing » forms the core of our pedagogical approach to prepare students in all the aspects of production in an exercise based approach to classes where students master adapting technologies and learn by their mistakes.
      Our partnerships with local companies also give students the chance to pursue internships for credit and our international network of alumni and teachers make taking that next vital step to starting a career, a little more accessible.
      The objective of our programs is to prepare students for the challenging but thrilling film industry workplace by making them polyvalent filmmakers capable of accepting any challenge.

      Build Your Professional Network
      Fostering your contacts begins at school: our teachers are also professionals, our master class lecturers are working pros in the industry and the range of our visiting professors coming from the four corners of the globe to give workshops in their chosen field represents a valued opportunity to build one’s contact base.
      This together with the international student alumni, who often make successful careers in different countries, means that our international department students are in a far more advantageous position to adapt to an industry that, by nature, is becoming more and more international: from financing and pre-production to crewing up.
      Students take on different positions during the production period term, giving them valuable experience in a variety of different roles contributing to the most vital part of the education: lots of practical experience.

      Think worldwide
      At EICAR, we are first and foremost an international crossroads where not only French aesthetics and production techniques are explored, but also those of the world over. 

      Our student body represents over 60 nationalities. This enriching atmosphere makes for more comprehensive training, but an interesting and diverse point of view that ultimately makes for richer films. Our Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking allow you to pursue your studies in universities worldwide, should you wish to further your worldwide education. 

      EICAR is a member of the government student service Campus France that can be helpful in securing student visas, the only filmschool with the “Welcome in France” label.

      EICAR is also a member of CILECT, the international association of film and audiovisual schools.


      Launch your career
      EICAR is a launching pad to give a real foundation for your passion. 
      Our one on one instruction with professors help nurture and guide you in your projects and can provide real insight into possible career choices long after your studies have finished in the international department. 
      85 percent of our alumni stay in the industry and manage to thrive worldwide in a variety of different career paths in the vast film and television industry !

    • 2023-01-12
      emlyon Business School 

      我們將於2023/02/01 (三) 晚上7點50分,邀請學校代表共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: 


      里昂商學院(emlyon Business School),由里昂 CCI 於 1872 年創立,在全球 6 個校區(里昂-埃庫利、上海、聖艾蒂安、巴黎、布巴內斯瓦爾和孟買)招收了來自 121 個國家的 8,900 名學生。 里昂大學擁有一支由 170 名國際教授和研究人員組成的學院,以及一個由 190 名全球學術合作夥伴組成的網絡,提供卓越的學習路徑並向世界開放。 里昂管理著一個由 37,500 名校友組成的社區,分佈在 130 個國家/地區。里昂商學院身為全法國前四大商學院,排名名列前茅不說,更在全球開設六大校區,包含校本部里昂、分校聖埃蒂安、分校巴黎、分校卡薩布蘭 加(摩洛哥)、分校上海(中國)與分校布巴內什瓦爾(印度)等,在全球招攬優秀的莘莘學子,為里昂商學院不斷拓展校 譽。學校標語為『early makers 創客先鋒』,意思為為自己美好未來生活的快速且有遠見之行動者,剛好也就是學校名稱 em 的簡寫兩字作為聯結。里昂為法國第三大城市(僅次於巴黎、馬賽)、第二大都會圈(僅次於巴黎),並與周圍城市如聖埃蒂安和格勒諾布爾等工業城市形成一日生活圈,這樣的環境下讓里昂商學院擁有數一數二的資源、資金與人才,與巴黎並駕齊 驅。2015 年里昂商學院吸收聖埃蒂安商學院並改建成為里昂商學院之聖埃蒂安校區;2016 年更與鄰近的格勒諾布爾商學院 (Grenoble École de Management)合作,一起強化彼此競爭力。



      • 法國各大排名機構名列前四大的商學院,更被英國 Financial Times 財經雜誌評選為最佳商學院之一。
      • 每年擁有近 7000 多名學生,其中有相當多為海外學生。
      • 144 名以上專業教授,其中 42%為非法國籍教授。
      • 全球六大校區:里昂、聖埃蒂安、巴黎、卡薩布蘭加(摩洛哥)、上海(中國)與布巴內什瓦爾(印度)。
      • 尊為皇冠學院,擁有國際商管學院皇冠認證:AACSB、EQUIS、AMBA,全球僅不到 1%為皇冠學院。
      • 建校於 1872 年,法國少數百年商學院之一,累積巨大校友 32000 人網絡,遍及全球。
      • 國際交流頻繁,近 200 間姐妹校遍及全球超過數百家,同時也與各國進行不同的交換計畫、雙聯課程等。
      • 與企業的緊密聯繫,提供全球 1600 間以上大企業的招聘,同時也提供實習的協助。
      • 超過 12 種英語授課課程之學士、碩士、MBA 等,擁有雅思即可申請入學!
    • 2023-01-12
      Montpellier Business School (MBS)
      我們將於2023/02/10 (五) 晚上7點50分,邀請學校代表及台灣校友共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/vmxX1j

      Name of the school 
      Montpellier Business School (MBS) 
      Address and website
      2300, Avenue des Moulins
      34185 Montpellier Cedex 4 – France

      Website in Mandarin: https://www.montpellier-bs.cn/
      Website in English: https://www.montpellier-bs.com/international/

      為什麼選擇 MBS蒙彼利埃商業學校?

      History and values: Founded in 1897, Montpellier Business School is a leading international, inclusive, and responsible management schoolMBS is one of the very few business schools (1%) in the world to hold the three most prestigious international accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.
      Accreditations and rankings: MBS is one of the very few business schools (1%) in the world to hold the three most prestigious international accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA - a recognition of its academic quality. The school has also been continuously part of the Financial Times’ Best Masters in Management rankings since 2012.
      Range of programs: The School offers programs taught in French or in English. At MBS, students can choose their specialisation according to their field of interest and spend a semester or a year at one of our partner universities with the possibility of a double degree.
      – Bachelor in International Business Administration program
      – Grande Ecole program (Master in Management)
      – Masters of Science (MSc), 10 specializations:
      • MSc Global Finance
      • MSc Fintech & Digital Finance
      • MSc Sustainable & Inclusive Finance
      • MSc Digital Marketing & Omnichannel Strategy
      • MSc Luxury Marketing in a Sustainable World
      • MSc International Business
      • MSc Big Data & Artificial Intelligence For Business
      • MSc Digital Transformation & Business Consulting
      • MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovative Business Models
      • MSc Supply Chain Management

      – Executive Education (Executive MBA, certified, short or customized courses)

      An international community: 1300 international students (1/3 of the student population), representing over 70 nationalities, and 60% of faculty come from abroad.

      Ideal location: Montpellier is in the sunny south of France, close to the Mediterranean coast. The city is consistently ranked in the top five student cities in France for its quality of life, reasonable cost of living, availability of many cultural and artistic events throughout the year.. The cost of living for students is 20% to 40% less expensive compared to Paris.

      Quality of teaching: The permanent faculty at MBS publishes more than a hundred articles a year in peer-reviewed journals referenced in the prestigious FT50 and ABS international lists, as well as the CNRS (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique) and FNEGE (Fondation Nationale pour l’Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises) lists. Over 40% of this output is published in tier-1 journals.

      Mandarin 中文版
      PGE: https://www.montpellier-bs.cn/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/pge-mbs-cn.pdf
      MSc: https://www.montpellier-bs.cn/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/msc-mbs-cn.pdf
      BIBA: https://www.montpellier-bs.cn/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/bachelor-mbs-cn.pdf

      English 英文版
      PGE : https://www.montpellier-bs.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/220726-PGE-GB-Triptyque-2023_webp.pdf
      BIBA : https://www.montpellier-bs.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/220719-BACHELOR-GB-Triptyque-2023_webp.pdf
      MSc : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-WQYdaMn4BEdl4TckjduRNP_GxxudReV/view?usp=sharing

      Contact person:
      Caria Marla Sison, International Development Officer,
      Mobile: +33647751442 (Whatsapp)
      Email: cm.sison@montpellier-bs.com

    • 2023-01-12
      University of Heidelberg
      我們將於2023/02/15 (三) 晚上7點50分,邀請德國最古老的海德堡大學校代,共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/YdoQjl

      德國最古老的海德堡大學,是德意志神聖羅馬帝國繼布拉格和維也納之後開設的第三所大學。校內其專業課程廣泛,專業的人才的搖籃。你在探索和尋找與世界各國人才切磋知識與技能嗎? 還是德國高等校院的教學研究品質、學校的職涯諮詢與產業結合程度、畢業後的求職就業機會如何? 留學德國你便能兼具以上優勢。手刀趕緊報名這場說明會。

      Founded in 1386, Heidelberg University, a state university of Baden-Württemberg, is Germany’s oldest university. In continuing its time-honoured tradition as a research university of international standing, Heidelberg University’s mission is guided by the following principles:
      1. Firmly rooted in its history, the University is committed to expanding and disseminating our knowledge about all aspects of humanity and nature through research and education. The University upholds the principle of freedom of research and education, acknowledging its responsibility to humanity, society, and nature.
      2. According to its motto »Semper apertus« (»Always open«) Heidelberg University, in a spirit of open-mindedness and tolerance toward individuals and ideas, aspires to generate and harness knowledge and skills for the benefit of today’s and future generations.
      3. Heidelberg University’s identity as a comprehensive university has grown out of its academic history, its commitment to the present, and its role in shaping the future. The research and educational efforts of the university are devoted to pursuing the central questions confronting humanity, concentrating on fundamental research and its application, and empowering Heidelberg’s students to participate in this scientific and academic endeavour at an early stage.
      4. The disciplines taught at Heidelberg University encompass the humanities, the social sciences, law, natural sciences, and the life sciences, including medicine.
      5. The tasks of a comprehensive university are
      • to advance outstanding individual disciplines, cross-linking them and addressing issues at the highest scholarly level;
      • to create and safeguard the conditions for comprehensive, interdisciplinary collaboration that will make possible essential contributions toward the solution of major issues facing humanity, society, and government in an increasingly changing world;
      • to make research results available to society and encourage their utilisation in all sectors of public life.
      1. Students, researchers, teachers, technical staff, and administrative personnel form an integral part of the university. Heidelberg University is a self-governing institution committed to the principles of good academic practice.
      2. Heidelberg University connects the knowledge and expertise of its members across generations. It is dedicated to systematically advancing the careers of young scholars and scientists, offers established academics ample opportunity for independent research, and assures the continued presence of outstanding emeriti by conferring on them the rank of senior professors. This alliance of knowledge provides an excellent foundation for the identification and dedicated pursuit of new research questions. The University is thus ideally positioned to meet future challenges with an appropriate degree of flexibility.
      3. The intricate connection between research and teaching provides for an education that is academic, practical, and continuous.
      4. Heidelberg University is committed to providing equal opportunity for men and women, to ensuring the compatibility of professional work and family, and to upholding the principle of diversity and equality both within and outside the bounds of the University.
      5. Heidelberg University will strengthen and extend its cooperation with non-university research institutions.
      6. Heidelberg University intends to further cultivate its contacts with former students and graduates, friends and supporters, as well as its partners in business and industry to attract additional encouragement and support.
      7. Heidelberg University’s international orientation is a long-standing tradition. Occupying a leading position in Germany and in Europe, the University is committed to providing its global competitiveness. It will continue to increase its attractiveness for outstanding international scholars and students and to expand its international networks in order to provide both junior researchers and senior faculty with the best possible opportunities for further qualification and advancement.

      1. Excellent reputation. Consistently among the top three German universities in the most important rankings: Heidelberg University stands for excellent study and doctoral conditions and outstanding research.
      2. Long tradition. The Future. Since 1386: Heidelberg University is the oldest university in present-day Germany.
      3. Range of subjects. A whole world of knowledge: Heidelberg University offers more than 180 different degree programmes, allowing students to acquire a top-tier education that is made to measure.
      4. Interdisciplinarity. Thinking outside the box: Heidelberg University teaches interdisciplinary skills. Such skills will be indispensable in addressing tomorrow’s great challenges.
      5. Research-based teaching. Up to date on the latest research: from their first semester at the university, students are actively involved in research and carry out their own scientific projects.
      6. Strong centre of research. An excellent local network: besides hosting the university, Heidelberg is home to many other research institutions where students and doctoral candidates can work and learn.
      7. International. At home in the world: Heidelberg University is part of a network of around 480 universities across the globe. 27 partner universities worldwide and four liaison offices in North America, Latin America, India and Japan create a strong foundation for exchange in research, education and teaching.
      8. Excellent support. For a great student experience on and off campus: Heidelberg University offers its students and doctoral candidates a comprehensive range of advice and support services.
      9. Good career opportunities. In academia or beyond: no matter where graduates go from Heidelberg University, they are in excellent shape to launch their career.
      10. Living in Heidelberg. Short distances, a relaxed atmosphere and ample leisuretime opportunities: Heidelberg is the perfect place for students and doctoral candidates. Besides its world-famous Old Town and its magnificent location in the Neckar valley, Heidelberg offers cultural highlights to suit every palate.


      With a large number of advisory and supervisory opportunities, as well as specific professional development programmes, Heidelberg University accompanies students at all stages of their career development. Students from at home and abroad can turn to the Central Student Advisory Office, which answers individual questions about their studies at Heidelberg University. In addition, the university assists students in planning periods of study abroad or placements in the framework of their course. The broad range of programmes offered by the Career Service contributes especially to a successful start in working life.

      As an undergraduate course of studies, the bachelor’s programme awards graduates the academic degree of Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in the natural sciences and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in the social sciences and humanities. With a range of approximately 60 bachelor’s programmes at 13 faculties, Heidelberg University offers a variety of subject combinations that is virtually unparalleled in Germany. The institutes cooperate with research and teaching facilities across the world, opening up possibilities for students to spend part of their studies abroad. The bachelor’s degree qualifies graduates to enter into a profession and is the academic prerequisite for enrolling in a master’s programme. Holders of a bachelor’s degree with the option for a teaching certificate may choose to continue studying for a Master of Education (M.Ed), which qualifies them to progress to the teaching experience phase.

      Bachelor’s programmes at Heidelberg University are generally completed in six semesters. Students may earn 100 per cent of their credits in one subject or distribute the credits across two subjects at a ratio of 50/50 or 75/25. To complete a bachelor’s programme, students must earn 180 credit points, 20 of them in the ‘General Competencies’ module. At the end of the programme, students are required to write a bachelor’s thesis and may also have to pass an oral examination. The law, medical, pharmaceutical and dental medicine programmes end with a state examination. These programmes have a standard duration of eight (pharmacy), ten (law, dentistry) and twelve (medicine) semesters.

      Supported by 
    • 2023-01-30
      University of Stuttgart
      我們將於2023/02/22 晚上7點30分,邀請學校代表共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/qZqX5y


      斯圖加特大學是德國領先的具有全球影響力的技術型大學之一。 它將自己視為大學、非大學和工業研究的中心。 此外,它還充當研究型教學的保證者,專注於質量和整體主義。 該大學促進知識和技術在其所有概況和能力領域以及新興領域向社會的轉移。 “Stuttgarter Weg”(“Stuttgart Way”)是指基於學科層面前沿研究基礎的工程學、自然科學、人文科學、管理學、經濟學和社會科學的跨學科整合。擁有約 24,000 名學生的斯圖加特大學的願景是“可持續發展社會的智能係統”,代表互補專業學科的一致跨學科網絡。


      斯圖加特大學(University of Stuttgart)是位於德國斯圖加特的一所國立大學,創建於1829年,以技術科目聞名。斯圖加特大學坐落於德國西南部的巴登-符騰堡州(德語:Baden-Württemberg)首府斯圖加特。在這裡,坐落著如戴姆勒(即著名的梅賽德斯-奔馳Mercedes-Benz生產商)、博世、保時捷、漢莎、BOSS、IBM、SONY等諸多國際知名企業和多達1500家的中小企業。
      斯圖加特大學是德國最“富”的大學之一,大學每年的總開支為3億歐元,總經費7億歐元,其中包括7311%的工資開支(教授、講師、行政人員和學生助手等) ,2017%的物品支出,417%的投資和114%的補助(獎學金等)。此外,斯圖加特大學也是德國TU9(最重要的九所德國理工高校聯盟)的成員之一。擁有全德第一的超級計算機,及全德第一來自第三方的科研經費。



      斯圖加特大學在斯圖各地分佈著多達30處的學生宿舍。擁有如此眾多的宿舍,入學新生通常不用太擔心住宿的問題,一般提前數月申請就能被順利分配一間宿舍。不同的宿舍的租金和所允許租用的年限各不相同。此外,作為巴登-符騰堡州首府的學校,自然可以享受到州首府都市相對優越的購物,娛樂,餐飲條件。在斯圖附近,更有著德國最著名的工廠店集中地-Metzingen,也是Hugo Boss的發源地。如果希望在課餘時間打工掙錢,斯圖加特更有著幾乎獨一無二的條件。




      Supported by