IULM University

IULM University


我們將在2023/01/11 (三)晚上7點,為大家帶來線上講座,校代將詳細介紹課程、校園生活和相關資訊!歡迎報名: https://bit.ly/3EHqjp9

Università IULM is the center of excellence in Italy for training in Communication and New Media, Languages, Tourism, Arts and Design.

The IULM campus is located in Milan, one of the world’s capitals of fashion, design and creative industries. Milan is one of the safest and most student-friendly cities in Europe, a vibrant and dynamic place where students can plan and build their future in a stimulating environment. 

The campus offers priceless facilities for both learning and living. Surrounded by a flowered garden, it is an attractive place to study as well as an important venue for concerts, exhibitions and conferences, cultural and artistic events thereby making the University a multipurpose cultural center for the city of Milan. IULM is a University with dynamic teaching and learning methods, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, from Communication to New Media, from Arts to Languages and from Tourism to Fashion and Creative Industries. 

The Academic Offer is composed of 6 undergraduate programs including 1 bachelor degree in Corporate Communication entirely taught in English, 7 two-year master’s degree courses, 2 of which – Hospitality and Tourism Management and Strategic Communication - offer a dual degree entirely taught in English. In addition to this, there are more than 30 one-year masters’ degrees.