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University of Hildesheim

University of Hildesheim [德國]

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The University of Hildesheim
Hildesheim is located in the heart of Germany and Europe. The University of Hildesheim has four academic divisions: »Educational and Social Sciences«, »Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication«, »Linguistics and Information Science« and »Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Economics and Computer Science«.
Interdisciplinary work, and narrowing the gap between theory and practice, are important components of the research and teaching profile of the University of Hildesheim. Its well-designed and tested educational studies programs as well as cultural studies and applied linguistics are the traditional strength of the University of Hildesheim. In addition, Psychology, Childhood Education, Diversity Education, Translation Studies, Inter­cultural Communication, Environ­mental Studies, Business Information and Computer Science programs are also in high demand.

The University of Hildesheim offers good study conditions and pleasant study atmosphere in small courses with highly committed teachers. Moreover, regular course evaluations show that a majority of students are »mostly satisfied« or »very satisfied« with their courses, and students parti­cularly appreciate the engagement and commitment of the faculty. Accreditation reports have also noted the high level of teacher commitment and motivation among university faculty, as well as the personal atmosphere between students and professors.

Why study and work in Hildesheim?
We are a University with about 8000 students, which means everybody who is teaching knows his students. People from more than 80 countries study and work at our Campus. It is like a huge family. We are interested in the diverse intellectual interests from students and academics around the world.
From early childhood to digital change: At University of Hildesheim, we offer a variety of study programmes – we have a profile which goes from education to cultural studies to languages and information technologies.

Excellent study conditions, a fantastic staff/student ratio and personal contact with lecturers allows you to successfully complete your degree at the University of Hildesheim. We have unique partners in higher education around the world.

International Campus

The University of Hildesheim is an internationally oriented and cosmopolitan university. The University welcomes a great number of international students each year, and the number of international full-time students is steadily increasing. The International Office supports these students in various ways to help them have an enjoyable and rewarding stay in Hildesheim.

The International Office arranges rooms for international exchange students. At the beginning of the term, intensive German courses are offered. In addition, free courses with five different levels are offered during the term. The free German courses help the students to follow their study programmes which will predominantly be in German. Students can also meet with the academic tutor and departmental coordinators from their study programme who can answer specific study questions and can provide detailed information about study planning. We are willing to help you with questions about all life situations – visas, legal situation, applications. We take the time to discuss issues of all kinds in detail, this is more difficult at larger universities.

We support international students

During an introductory week, students receive important information about studying and living in Hildesheim. Students receive support in their scientific work in the free program »Welcome to Science«. Hildesheim students volunteer to help international students at the beginning of their stay in a »buddy program«. They help answer any questions.

»I finished my thesis! It was a good chance to study in Hildesheim. I met many friends who are from other countries and good Professors. Jeongbeom Park studied information retrieval and machine learning. He is one of the first master students in the joint program »Global Studies on Management and Information Science«.

Living in Hildesheim
Hildesheim is a University city in Lower Saxony in the north of Germany and offers nature, sport activities, museums and World Cultural Heritage sites. The city has a good national and international connection to the traffic network.

Hildesheim is a green city and offers museums, unique World Cultural Heritage sites, historical half-timbered buildings, a colourful cultural scene, sport activities with a beautiful picturesque surrounding countryside.
You will find widely varied offers of culture, nature and history in this modern, flourishing city with a popu­lation of more than 100,000. The more than 8,000 students make Hildesheim a city filled with energy and creativity.Hildesheim is characterized by an active student life with student councils and student initiatives.

World Cultural Heritage in Hildesheim
Hildesheim is very rich in terms of culture. The Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum boasts one of the most impor­tant Ancient Egyptian collections in the world. The Cathedral with its unique bronze castings and the 1,000-year-old St. Michael‘s Church are UNESCO Heritage sites. Hildesheim is also well known for its unique free theatre scene and the »Theatre for Lower Saxony«.


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