Ecole Conte

Ecole Conte

法國 Ecole Conte


Since 1949, Ecole Conte has enjoyed an outstanding reputation. The school's educational courses are positioned midway between artistic design and professional business. Their purpose is to train the trendsetters and designers of tomorrow.

Students benefit from a solid well-established culture, and the school strives to ensure that students are work-ready the moment they leave so that they are able to rapidly make their way into the business world – particularly through the work placement options available.


The school has grown to become a genuine flagship institution for professionals in the fashion, textile and luxury industries. The very best companies in the sector provide constant support to our students and have a presence throughout the training process. All programmes lead to recognised, State-approved certificates at levels I and II, adding further value to the achievements.


學校官網:  https://www.ecole-conte.com/en/
學校影片: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcizRzzx64c&t=2s 

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