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For more than 185 years VUB has helped build a better society as an innovative, free inquiring and critical thinking university. A never-ending quest for knowledge, insights and enlightenment form the golden thread in all we do in education, research and social commitment.

Diverse, inclusive, personal
VUB has been a pioneer in internationalisation in Belgium. Thanks to its strong international orientation VUB is home to a vibrant community of international scholars. Over 23% of the university’s 20,100 students are of foreign origin, representing 148 countries.


English-taught programmes to meet your interest
VUB offers a wide variety of English-taught programmes supported by high-quality interdisciplinary research. Our system of majors and minors enables students to plan and personalise the curriculum in a way that best meets your interests. All degree programmes offered by VUB are accredited by the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO), ensuring that they meet the highest predefined quality standards.


Research excellence
VUB aims to deliver high quality research that is both locally grounded and has strong international recognition. Over 50% of the PhD students at the VUB are international. They are enrolled in one of the over 30 PhD trajectories VUB offers. Through the three Doctoral Schools PhD students get free access to a wide range of elective courses meant to support them in acquiring and developing the skills they need.


Connected to the world
VUB offers many joint and double-degree programmes at master’s and PhD level, giving students the opportunity to study at both VUB and partner institutions in Belgium or overseas.


A step up in your career
It goes without saying that Brussels offers unique career opportunities. As the home to more than 2,000 international organisations and companies, it offers a wide range of internship possibilities and future career options. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel will be a step up in your career. Internships can be a part of your degree programme or can be chosen as an alternative to some courses.

NEW: Work after your studies
Extending your stay in Belgium to find a job after you’ve graduated with the orientation year. As of August 2021, the Non-EU students in possession of a Belgian residence permit are eligible for a stay of 12 months to search for a job or to carry out an independent activity. All information can be found on our website.


Student life - Being the capital of Europe, Brussels is an international city like no other
There are many reasons to study in Belgium: world-renowned universities, excellent opportunities for international networking, famously multicultural and multilingual cities, a host of regional cuisines and specialties, beautiful countryside, overall high quality of life, and, of course, those fantastic Belgian waffles. Being in the heart of Europe, Belgium is connected to much of the continent. You can get to Paris, London and Amsterdam by train in less than 2 hours.

The VUB offers students more than just a great educational experience. Brussels, the heart of Europe and the capital of Belgium is an open invitation to exploring a truly international city. With its 1.2 million inhabitants, of whom 31% are of foreign origin, Brussels is the centre of international politics and business. Although Dutch and French are official languages in Belgium, English is widely spoken in Brussels by native Belgians and internationals because of the numerous international political organizations. Brussels is the location for over 40,000 employees in the headquarters of the European Union, 4,000 NATO employees, more than 180 embassies, and a city counting the highest concentration of diplomatic missions in the world.


Being a student at the VUB
Being a middle sized university has its advantages. First of all, it allows frequent personal contact between students, professors and teaching assistants. This is part of a real direct-contact culture that is well embedded within the university. Additionally, students are strongly encouraged to interact with each other through group assignments within the curriculum and through the various extracurricular activities. VUB is #2 in Belgium in terms of student-staff ration (Source: QS World University Rankings).


All-in campuses
Student accommodation, sports facilities, restaurants and cafés, a university library, study guidance centre, a student bookshop, located in a vibrant area full of shops and cafés.
Take a closer look at our campuses through our 360° virtual campus tours.

PhD for all fields
Doing a PhD at VUB – Step by Step: https://student.vub.be/en/phd/step-by-step#doing-a-phd

Application procedure:
In order to apply you have to fill in the online application form (link below) and submit all required documents as specified on the programme page mentioned above.

How to apply: https://www.vub.be/en/studying-at-the-vub/how-to-apply

Application deadlines (to start courses in September 2022):
  • Before 1 April 2022– for non-EEA students (who need a visa for Belgium)
  • Before 1 September 2022 – for EEA citizens or non-EEA citizens living in Belgium with a valid residence permit
Academic calendar: https://www.vub.be/en/academic-calendar

Other information:
Please do not hesitate to send an email to prospective.students@vub.be if you need any further information.

我們將於2021/12/02 晚上邀請官方代表共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: 
  • 學校介紹
    School Information
    • 2018-05-08
      British Council


      英國文化協會創立於1934 年,為英國專責推廣文化關係並創造教育機會的國際組織,在全球超過100 個國家及地區,藉由創意與知識的交流,促進不同族群與文化之間的信任與合作。我們於1996 年在台灣成立,致力於建立英國與台灣之間的互惠合作關係,服務的內容包括:
      • 透過教育展及線上諮詢,提供免費、專業及客觀的英國留學相關資訊。
      • 推動教育、英語學習、科技及藝術領域的合作交流。
      • 依據國際歐洲協會學習評量分級架構,針對國際語言認證考試,提供優質英語學習課程,包含兒童及青少年、成人、雅思考試準備課程和企業培訓。針對不同年齡層及使用族群,提供互動式免費英語學習網站。
      • 舉辦IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗及其他英國相關考試。


      英國文化協會致力推廣優質的英語教學及認證,與台灣教育部及教育局合作推動中小學英語教師培訓計劃,提供高品質英語課程,並推廣IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗,協助大眾提升英語能力並取得國際英語能力認證。

      英國文化協會積極在台灣推廣優質英語教學,與台北縣市教育局合作舉辦英語教師及校長英語培訓,推廣資訊科技融入英語教學,並與北高兩市教育局合辦寒暑假兒童英語體驗營,讓孩子不用出國也能體驗海外遊學。同時於台北開設兒童與青少年英語、成人英語、IELTS 雅思考試準備課程與商業英語課程,以國際認證外籍師資、互動式電子白板及實境溝通等創新教學,提供符合學員需求的課程內容,建立學員使用英語的自信與能力,累積高品質的學習口碑。

      IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗
      IELTS 雅思國際英語測驗是全球認可的英語能力檢定考試,目前除了被英國、澳洲、紐西蘭、加拿大及歐洲等國家廣泛採用之外,美國也有超過3,400所大學院校採納IELTS 雅思成績,包含常春藤聯盟及麻省理工學院、排名前25 名的頂尖知名學府。英國文化協會為IELTS 雅思官方考試中心,每月在北、中、南各地定期舉辦考試,並設有200 多個授權報名中心及24 小時全年無休的「IELTS 雅思線上報名系統」https://tw.ieltsasia.org/ 方便民眾報名。同時,英國文化協會也推出電腦考試,除了更多考期可選擇,考生5-7天即可拿到成績單。凡報名英國文化協會IELTS雅思考試的考生,可獲得獨家免費的IELTS 雅思線上模擬練習 - 「雅思之路」衝刺版,內含100個互動練習、9個教學影片以及2個模擬練習題。
    • 2018-05-08
      Bureau Français de Taipei Campus France Taiwan
      法國在台協會 法國教育中心
      Bureau Français de Taipei – Campus France Taiwan

      法國教育中心(Campus France)為法國官方唯一駐台留學推廣機構。歡迎利用本中心每週一至五下午2-4點對外開放時間,由教育專員針對您長或短期之留/遊學計畫,免費提供公正且客觀之諮詢服務。

      電話:(02)3518 5160
      傳真:(02)3518 5193
      開放時間:周一至周五 下午24點(不須預約)
      [捷運] 淡水信義線- 台北101/世貿站 4號出口
      台北101/世貿站(市府路): 28, 281, 537, 647, 915, BR6, BR7, BR18, BR21, G1
      台北101/世貿站(信義路5段) : 28, 207, 281, 537, 797, BL5
      台北101購物中心(松智路) : 28, 32, BL5, 537, 797, 市民小巴7

      www. taiwan.campusfrance.org







      • 提供公正客觀的個人諮詢服務
      • 提供完整課程目錄及留學須知
      • 提供課程以及獎學金搜尋引擎
      • 協助完成本中心線上註冊系統
      • 參與台灣各大學留學推廣活動
      • 主辦一年一度歐洲高等教育展

      •   學術合作暨文化處
       法國在台協會總機:(02)3518 5151 ( 上班時間8 H30-12H30 ;14H00-17H30 )
      • 簽證組

    • 2022-08-15
      Jacobs University
      Jacobs University [德國]
       學校官網: https://www.jacobs-university.de/
      我們將於2022/09/28 晚上7點50分邀請學校代表及台灣校友,線上跟大家說明及分享,歡迎報名參加!

      Jacobs University is a private, research-oriented, state-accredited university with a broad portfolio of pre-degree, undergraduate and graduate study programs from the natural and social sciences, engineering, and economics.

      Among our CHE top-ranking undergraduate programs are Computer Science (BSc), Electrical and Computer Engineering (BSc), Industrial Engineering and Management (BSc), Biochemistry and Cell Biology (BSc), International Business Administration (BA), International Relations: Politics and History (BA) and Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology (BA). In addition to Bachelor programs, the university offers Master and PhD programs.

      Jacobs University attracts highly talented and open-minded students from every corner of the world to our beautiful residential campus in Bremen, Germany.  Students live in their own rooms in one of our four residential colleges. Our campus a comfortable and safe ‘home away from home’ for our students.

      At Jacobs University, all programs are taught in English, and classes are small and interactive. Professors follow a trans-disciplinary approach, addressing issues from multiple perspectives in addition to acting as personal mentors and academic advisors. Students are actively involved in research from their first year of study. Extensive extracurricular activities support and strengthen our students’ personal development.

      The international rankings by Times Higher Education are testimonial to the quality of teaching and research at Jacobs University. We are ranked top 20 in the world in the small university ranking, top 30 in the world in the young university ranking and top 300 in the world in the comprehensive university ranking. Jacobs University is ranked number 1 in Germany for its international outlook.

      To promote a diverse student body, Jacobs University offers scholarships and financial aid for international students. Jacobs University is a home to a growing Taiwanese student community.

      學校官網: https://www.jacobs-university.de/

      Supported by 
    • 2022-10-01
      HEC Paris
      巴黎高等商業研究學院 [法國]
      想知道法國巴黎高等商學院 HEC Paris 還有哪些優勢、資源可以使用以及如何申請嗎? 手刀快去報名參加10/12 (三) 晚上19:00線上說明會,由學校代表帶你深入了解,報名連結:https://reurl.cc/MNQ2zW

      學校官網: https://www.hec.edu/en

      About HEC Paris
      One of the world's best business schools, HEC Paris is a leader in research and education in management sciences, since 1881. The school offers a unique portfolio of programs designed for a carefully selected student body. Our world-class master's programs are a gateway to a thriving international career in business.

      Rooted in the French tradition of excellence, we provide high potential students with an expertise in a wide range of fields. Small class sizes allow for direct contact with world leading practitioners and experts. Our unique curriculum, as well as perfect theory-practice balance and countless connections with top companies and industry influencers, provide students with an ironclad competitive advantage in the marketplace, all the while offering an international community to make a life-long network. 

      Unlike multidisciplinary universities ranked in the Times Higher Education (THE) and the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), HEC Paris has established itself in the world of business school rankings. These rankings showcase the school’s academic excellence, which is the foundation of successful and meaningful careers for our students and participants.
      #1 European Business School (Financial Times 2019 rankings)
      #1 MSc International Finance worldwide (Financial Time 2020 rankings)
      #2 Master in Management worldwide (Financial Times 2019 rankings)
      #3 Institution worldwide (Times Higher Education Alma Index, Global Executives ranking 2017)

      Find your purpose, make an impact.

      Our world-class Master in Management is a gateway to a thriving international career in business, whatever path you wish to pursue. With 20 specializations, 20 international dual degree programs, an array of electives and optional year, you can tailor the program to suit your needs, while receiving an outstanding and exhaustive training in management. Our unique dual-phase curriculum, as well as perfect theory-practice balance and countless connections with top companies and industry influencers, provide you with an ironclad competitive advantage in the marketplace, all the while offering an international community to make life-long friends.

      Join the next generation of financial leaders
      Ranked the #1 Master in Finance worldwide (Financial Times, 2020), this program will prepare you for a booming finance career, whether in capital markets or corporate finance. Based on the belief that the best industry leaders have a solid understanding in all areas, our program aims to lay the general, wide-reaching foundations of finance, as well as in-depth, practical knowledge in each student’s field of specialization. The program is taught by world-class researchers as well as influential practitioners to provide you with the optimal theory-practice balance.

      Thanks to a study trip to London consisting of numerous company visits and networking events, as well as regular exposure to real-life business cases, you will bridge the gap between the classroom and real world from the get-go, for a competitive edge on the job market. To ensure that the program caters to all our students’ needs, two different educational ‘tracks’ are available, as well as a wide variety of electives.

      Master the world of accounting and corporate finance
      The MSc in Accounting & Financial Management is a rigorous program uniting accounting, corporate finance and strategy. The course is rooted in practical application to the real business world, combining teaching from world-class academics with a wide range of courses led by high-level industry leaders from consulting firms, financial advisory firms, and the ‘Big 4’ (PWC, EY, KPMG and Deloitte). This approach delivers the perfect theory-practice balance.

      Thanks to many elective courses, certificates and numerous academic opportunities throughout the program, you can customize the curriculum to your needs and aspirations. Graduates enter the professional sphere with the necessary technical skills, global outlook and network to truly excel and become prime actors in the world of business and finance.

      Become an economic expert in business and finance
      The MSc Managerial and Financial Economics at HEC Paris is a unique program that provides key knowledge in economics and finance as well as strong analytical and numerical skills.

      Applying economic concepts and methods to real-life strategic issues, you will be well-prepared for a high-flying career in an array of industries, including financial services, consulting, or even the public sector. The program’s perfect theory-practice balance and frequent conferences with industry leaders – such as Nobel prize winners – allows you to experience economics in action. This asset, paired with frequent study trips, company visits, networking events, and job market workshops, will equip you with the means to flourish in the job market upon graduation.

      Pioneer the marketing of the future
      The MSc Marketing provides an integrated approach to marketing that combines advanced knowledge in traditional and digital marketing with a strategic mindset. The perfect fit for students who strive to enhance their analytical and strategic skills in order to pursue a successful career where they can readily adapt to the ever-developing marketing world.

      Impact organizations at the highest strategic level
      Ranked the #1 MSc in Strategic Management worldwide (QS, 2019; The Economist, 2019), this program will teach you how to solve any problem, regardless of the subject, context or time. Based on the principle of ‘learning how to learn’, leading practitioners, world-class academics, real-life case studies and practical business projects will help you to refine your critical thinking skills to approach every situation with a fresh set of eyes.  

      The curriculum is crafted hand-in-hand with current market leaders, actively supported by top international consulting firms and investment banks to ensure the program’s ultimate relevance. Whether you wish to pursue a career in consulting or finance, or even tech or health, graduates are able to strategize to reach any goal. Thanks to the wide range of elective courses and certificates, the course is customizable to fulfill your personal objectives.

      Become a changemaker in tomorrow's world
      The MSc Sustainability and Social innovation is designed for current aspiring changemakers to develop the skills and knowledge needed to transform both society and enterprises into more sustainable practices. Taught by world class professors, all classes are designed to hone your analytical skills and ability to mobilize and communicate on meaningful topics to transform organizations into positive contributors to society.

      Spanning far beyond the classroom, seminars and conferences provide you with the opportunity to interact with experts and entrepreneurs that are helping to rethink and shape tomorrow’s sustainable businesses and inclusive economies. Whether you are interested in working for a big company and changing it from within, leading your own impactful research project, or launching your own start-up, you can tailor the second phase of the program to your own professional goals and ambitions.

      Learn how to run a music festival, head the programming of a national museum or produce a television program… 
      The MS/MSc  Médias, Art et Création is mostly taught in French.

      This intensive progam in law and international management aimed at high-level jurists.
      The MS/LLM Droit et Management International is mainly taught in French. 

      Master data to become a strategic leader
      Data is at the core of nearly every business decision. Through this double degree with Ecole Polytechnique, you will learn the tools needed to solve real problems, teaching you to ask the ‘right’ questions (both from a statistics and business perspective) and to use the appropriate mathematical and IT tools to answer them.

      You will be equipped to shift constantly from data to knowledge, from knowledge to strategic decision-making, and from strategic decision-making to operational business implementations. With the first year spent learning the technical skills at a world-class engineering school, combined with a practical application in the second year at HEC Paris, you will master how to leverage data in a business context. Three-week-long business challenges enable you to work in teams on real and recent business issues, proposing relevant business solutions to the company's top management. 

      Build the businesses of tomorrow
      The X-HEC Entrepreneurs program is a complete immersion into the reality of entrepreneurship. Through a hands-on, personalized 4-stage process, you will acquire the hard and soft skills necessary to launch a successful entrepreneurial project and thrive in the dynamic, fast-paced start-up world. In partnership with Ecole Polytechnique, you will benefit from a well-rounded pedagogy, acquiring the unique perspectives of both a world-class business school and engineering school.

      Each phase of the process is centered around the launch of a real-life entrepreneurial project, anchored in the philosophy of learning by doing. Promoting a multi-disciplinary, international perspective, you will be exposed to wide-ranging domains and ways of thinking every step of the way; with trips to the likes of Silicon Valley and opportunities to develop up-and-coming start-ups, you will experience far-reaching entrepreneurial ecosystems and extend your mind’s boundaries to its limits.

      學校官網: https://www.hec.edu/en

    • 2022-08-15
      Cranfield University
      克蘭菲爾德大學 [英國]
      我們將於2022/9/22 晚上邀請學校代表共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: https://bit.ly/3oMI3a6
      想了解更多嗎? 請上學校官網: www.cranfield.ac.uk

      Our mission
      At Cranfield University, we are creating leaders in technology and management, unlocking the potential of people and organisations by partnering with business and governments to deliver transformational research, postgraduate education and professional development.

      Creating leaders in technology and management
      Our education portfolio is renowned for its relevance to business and industry. We are the largest UK provider of master's-level graduates in engineering and offer a flagship MBA, extensive world-class customised executive education and professional development programmes. 

      The research and consultancy we carry out for industry, government and business provides our students with a real-world learning environment, allowing them to develop as professionals and then transfer their knowledge to the global economy. This has always been the 'Cranfield way' but it has never been more important than in today's world.

      A number one UK university
      We are a specialist postgraduate university with world-class, large-scale facilities and a staff-to-student ratio that is one of the best for any university in the UK. Our global success is reflected in our rankings and awards:
      • We have the largest number of engineering master's students in the UK, HESA 2018/19.
      • We are ranked number one in the UK for aerospace engineering (five times more master's students in the UK study at Cranfield each year than at the university in second place), HESA 2018/19.
      • We're number one in the UK for transport and automotive postgraduates (with over twice as many students as the university in second place), HESA 2018/19.
      • UK top 10 for commercial research, consultancy and professional development, HESA 2018/19.
      • Cranfield ranks fifth in the UK for Engineering – Mechanical, Aeronautical & Manufacturing in the QS World Rankings 2021.
      • We are one of an elite group of schools worldwide to hold the triple accreditation of: AACSB International (the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), AMBA (the Association of MBAs) and EQUIS (European Quality Improvement System).
      We are proud of our achievements – some notable facts about Cranfield:
      • There is one member of academic staff to every eight students, one of the best ratios for any university in the UK.
      • Over half of all aerospace engineering master's students in the UK study at Cranfield each year.
      • Over 7,000 people come to Cranfield each year to benefit from our executive and professional development programmes.
      • According to the Research Excellence Framework 2014, 81% of our research is classed as world-leading or internationally excellent.

      Subject Areas
      Our courses and research programmes are informed and directed by industry’s needs and challenges.  To best address these challenges, our specialisms are aligned to specific sectors, which we refer to as subject areas.  

      Aerospace – 
      Through the strong links with industry we have built over the past 70 years, we focus on defining and delivering the aircraft, airport and airspace management of the future. 

      Using our expertise in propulsion, aeronautical engineering, intelligent automation, autonomous systems, and computational engineering we are creating tomorrow’s air vehicles and businesses today.  

      We have more than 200 doctoral students and 400 MSc Aerospace students drawn from universities around the world. We are the UK’s top destination for aerospace engineering postgraduate students and the largest provider of accredited aerospace degree courses.

      Design – 
      Innovative companies today (large or small) strive for excellence to create the next breakthrough innovation - whether that be to advance technology, stay competitive in the market place, or to provide positive change for society. To achieve this, companies need to maintain their competitive edge, employing talented professionals with ideas and vision, coupled with the skills to innovate with confidence. We believe that Design Thinking is a powerful process that when mastered will empower our professional learners to unlock their creative potential to generate novel ideas and to translate these ideas into tangible and impactful outputs for innovation.  

      Energy and Power – 
      Providing a sustainable, secure and affordable energy supply is fundamentally important to our lives. Cranfield is advancing the potential solutions in energy and power to ensure our future needs are met. 

      Cranfield’s expertise in energy and power covers a range of the potential energy solutions, from oil and gas, to our developing reliance on renewable energy from the world around us. This presents many exciting opportunities in new technologies and services related to low carbon energy and power generation. 

      Our postgraduate community includes around 200 MSc students from around the globe and 150 full-time doctoral students including our Renewable Energy Marine Structures (REMS) Centre for Doctoral Training with the University of Oxford. 

      Our expertise is supported by unique industrial scale experimental facilities, including an ocean systems laboratory, gas turbines, an anaerobic digestion plant, and high temperature coating test facilities. 

      Environment and Agrifood – 
      For 50 years, Cranfield has been contributing to enhancing natural capital and ensuring that global food systems are more resilient for the future. We are recognised worldwide by industry, government and academe for our research and teaching in plants, soil, water and air. 

      Our strengths range from environmental governance and risk, to food security. We work with global and domestic agriculture and food companies, environmental agencies, and governments to ensure that our research benefits all in society.

      Our postgraduate Environment and Agrifood programmes give the leaders of the future the skills and vocational experience with industry they need to make a difference.  Our near-industrial scale research facilities are unparalleled. 

      Forensics – 
      Cranfield University’s Forensic Institute has been a home for innovation, expertise, and a strong centre for the student community for years. 

      The recent investment of £7.2 million into the latest forensic equipment, teaching spaces and experienced and industry relevant academic staff has meant that 2021 will be a new and exciting horizon for the department. 

      Cranfield Forensic Institute (CFI) has become a leading international player in the field known for the best research and postgraduate teaching and we significantly enhance the employability of students by producing postgraduates of the highest quality.

      School of Management – 
      Cranfield School of Management is one of the oldest business schools in Europe. Our contribution to global innovation is world-leading, changing the way society thinks, works and learns.  

      Our highly ranked world-leading full time specialist master's courses will enable you to develop the knowledge and practical skills to become a leader in your chosen field. We design our courses with employers, combining teaching excellence with real world practical application to give you a unique competitive edge. We have a diverse mix of students and world-leading academics that creates a rich and stimulating learning environment, with an extensive global alumni network.  

      During your course you will receive support and guidance to help you plan your personal and professional development. Masters graduates from Cranfield School of Management secure senior roles with some of the world’s leading organisations.

      Manufacturing - 
      Cranfield has a distinctive approach to manufacturing research, education and training. We combine expertise in design, technology and management, along with research into materials sciences.  
      We teach more than 300 postgraduate students in manufacturing technology, systems and management. Research students work in fields as diverse as ultra-precision engineering to the novel application of virtual reality technologies to support maintenance and through-life engineering services. We work in Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 1-6.

      Our excellence in manufacturing education and training is recognised by professional institutions within the manufacturing sector, including: 
      - Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
      - Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
      - Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)
      - Institution of Engineering Designers (IED)
      - The Welding Institute (TWI)

      Transport Systems - 
      In an increasingly interconnected world, our award-winning research and teaching is helping to define the future of global transport. We specialise in understanding the whole environment in which transport operates: the vehicles, infrastructure, businesses and logistics as well as the human aspects of operating, managing and using transport. 

      We develop innovative technologies and business solutions for major international organisations and conduct world-leading research for the European Commission and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). For example, our Engineering Photonics Centre is the holder of three consecutive, prestigious EPSRC Platform Grants.

      Insights from this work inform our teaching, ensuring we deliver a learning experience that is research-led and industry-relevant. We deliver inspirational learning experiences for more than 200 MSc and doctoral students who go on to a broad spectrum of successful careers across the world.

      Water - 
      The Water theme at Cranfield University is home to the internationally recognised centre of excellence Cranfield Water Science Institute. 
      Cranfield Water Science Institute has a proud reputation for its research on the science, engineering and management of water. Our lives and livelihoods are dependent on the natural and engineered water cycles. Accordingly, research and skills development in water treatment and management have never been more vital. Cranfield’s research in these areas is applied and industry focused, and we have been driving innovation for over 40 years.

      Our expertise is award-winning and our innovations are making water services and natural water bodies more resilient and sustainable. 


      Location and campus
      Cranfield University offers a student focused campus environment, located in the English countryside, allowing you to focus on your studies, yet is only a short distance from many exciting cities and towns.

      All campus amenities – including bars, shops, a post office, sports hall and bank – are within walking distance.  Excellent leisure and shopping facilities can be found in the vibrant city of Milton Keynes and the historic town of Bedford, just a short drive away.

      Whatever your recreational, social or sporting interests, the wide range of opportunities in and around Cranfield University are sure to offer something for everyone.

      Cranfield campus is set in extensive grounds with:
      •    Its own airport,
      •    Two hotels with full accommodation and conference and banqueting facilities,
      •    Sports and recreation facilities,
      •    Student accommodation options comprising family homes and single student apartment blocks,
      •    An adjoining Technology Park, home to nearly 60 science, technology and knowledge-based businesses.

      What’s on Campus?
      •    Library
      We provide a rich collection of specialist library resources and services to support your academic work. You will have a dedicated Information Specialist for your subject area to show you how to use them and to help you develop your study and research skills.  We aim to create a welcoming, comfortable environment in which to study, and offer areas for individual and group work as well as silent study.

      •    Campus sports and fitness
      Facilities at the Cranfield campus include our sports centre, which incorporates a fitness centre, playing fields, sports pitches and several tennis courts, while Shrivenham has its own golf course, outdoor heated swimming pool and riding stables.
      A number of our sports clubs also operate within the multi-purpose area of the gym and compete in inter-university and local leagues.

      •    Support services
      Help and support is always close at hand at Cranfield University, whether you need assistance with your studies or to make the most of your time on campus. 

      Student Advice Centres
      There are Student Advice Centres at both Cranfield and Shrivenham which act as a central source of information for students. They offer professional and confidential advice, such as the co-ordination of disability and learning support, and guidance to help you make the most of your time at the University and to access the many resources available to you.

      Cranfield Students' Association
      The Cranfield Students' Association (CSA) represents all Cranfield University students. It is run by a team of elected students and a small team of staff, overseen by independent Trustees. Representation and promotion of the student voice are at the heart of the CSA's objectives, and many opportunities are provided for students to express their opinions on their Cranfield experience.

      There is also the Chinese Students Association celebrating Chinese culture and traditions.  The society organises activities and events throughout the year.

      Eating and drinking
      There are a wide range of places to eat at Cranfield. Below are some of the places you may enjoy when you join us.

      At Cranfield University we understand that finding the right accommodation is essential in helping you settle in and enjoy your time with us while you study. Find out more here: https://www.cranfield.ac.uk/study/life-on-campus

      Take a campus virtual tour


    • 2022-08-15
      Offenburg University
      Offenburg University [德國]
      Study in English - Live in Germany
      Offenburg’s Graduate School -  The place to build your future

      我們將於2022/09/22 晚上邀請學校代表共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加: 

      Offenburg University is a research-rich, high-performance institution in the Black Forest, a German economic powerhouse. We are among the top five in applied research in the south-west and an active member of the European University Association. Offenburg is a highly-ranked university according to the CHE ranking, forming a thriving community with 4,500 students on two campuses.

      It is known for its emphasis on practical skills and applied research. Its close ties to the regional business community include many world-renowned companies.

      It is also strongly committed to providing an internationally oriented education. In particular, the English-taught Master's programmes of the Graduate School have won a number of awards, including the DAAD's quality label "TOP 10 International Master's Degree Courses Made in Germany".

      International students from all five continents choose to study at Offenburg knowing that their cultures will be respected and appreciated.

      Offenburg University’s Graduate School offers you the following English-taught Master’s Degree Programs:
      • Master of Science (MSc) in Biotechnology
      • Master of Science (MSc) in Communication and Media Engineering
      • Master of Science (MSc) in Enterprise & IT Security
      • Master of Science (MSc) in Process Engineering
      • Master of Science (MSc) in Renewable Energy and Data Engineering
      • Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Business Consulting
      - Application-oriented degree programs with excellent career opportunities
      - Small student-teacher ratio and hands-on instruction
      - Very well-equipped laboratories and facilities
      - Comprehensive, individual services for international students
      - Safe and friendly environment with easy access to Europe's tourist attractions

      學校官網:  www.hs-offenburg.de/graduate-school
      臉書: www.facebook.com/graduateschool.univ.offenburg

      Supported by 
    • 2022-08-15
      University of Leeds
      里茲大學 [英國]
      我們將於2022/9/07 晚間19:00邀請學校代表共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加https://bit.ly/3P0lyZH

      The University of Leeds is one of the UK’s top universities, located in the heart of a vibrant, affordable and student-friendly city, world-famous for its teaching and research. Ranked in the Top 100 Universities in the world (QS 2023) and in the Top 20 Universities in the UK (The Complete University Guide 2022), Leeds welcome students from over 145 different countries, and we are proud to be able to provide them with an exceptional learning and teaching experience.  

      The quality of Leeds’ academic staff, accommodation residences, single-site campus facilities (including internationally acclaimed University libraries and sports facilities) and student support services make Leeds one of the UK’s most exciting environments in which to live and study.  
      We welcome many Taiwanese students to study with us each year and, after graduation, they often join our lively Taiwanese Alumni Association which fosters a Leeds community in Taiwan. We offer a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate degree options, where students learn with experts and industry leaders, and enhance their employability.  Leeds is the 5th most targeted UK University by graduate recruiters (The Graduate Market in 2022 High Fliers Research).

      If you would like to chat to current Leeds students about their experiences in the UK, you can do so via Link to Leeds. Meet our Taiwanese ambassador, Chi, and others online here: https://linkto.leeds.ac.uk/ambassadors/ 
      More information about Leeds is online: www.leeds.ac.uk  

      If you would like to ask any questions about Leeds and would like to get in touch with the Alumni, please contact Claire Zupnik, International Manager for East Asia on: C.E.Zupnik@leeds.ac.uk.

      學校官網: www.leeds.ac.uk  

      里茲大學台灣校園大使,Chi Chen,目前正在念MA International Communication https://linkto.leeds.ac.uk/ambassadors/ 及

    • 2022-08-15
      Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
      聖心天主教大學 [義大利]
      我們將於2022/09/07 晚上邀請學校代表,共同舉辦線上說明會,歡迎報名參加!

      Università Cattolica’s MD Medicine and Surgery provides the scientific basis and the theoretical and practical training essential for the exercise of the medical profession internationally. Students develop all the technical competencies required to operate independently and responsibly in the medical sector. The overall objectives are pursued using a teaching approach designed to examine health issues in depth in a holistic manner, taking account of the influence of the surrounding chemical - physical, biological and social environment.

      The degree features a complete integration of basic and clinical sciences, achieved through a multidisciplinary approach and an early involvement in patient management, including both ethical issues and legal responsibilities, which are at the basis of the profession. In addition, medical anthropology, bioethics and medical humanities will be emphasized, as well as the ability to communicate with the patient and the family.

      Luca Richeldi, MD, PhD, Chair and Head of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Sciences, discusses his passion, life choices, and Università Cattolica's degree in Medicine and Surgery.

      You can find more information about the course and entry requirements from this link: https://international.unicatt.it/ucscinternational-undergraduate-programs-medicine-and-surgery

      2022 Graduation Day of MD students. Prf. Roy C. Ziegelstein, Professor of Education and Vice Dean for Education at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Surgery gave a key speech. Find out more here: https://secondotempo.cattolicanews.it/news-our-mission-of-taking-care


      To watch the video on Youtube: https://youtu.be/8YsnRfMde5c
    • 2022-08-15
      University of Hildesheim
      University of Hildesheim [德國]
      了解更多University of Hildesheim學校資訊,請上https://www.uni-hildesheim.de/
      我們將在2022/09/28晚間7點-7點40分,邀請到學校代表及台灣校友,說明如何申請、介紹課程及分享校園生活等相關資訊,報名請至: https://bit.ly/3OPw3PC

      The University of Hildesheim
      Hildesheim is located in the heart of Germany and Europe. The University of Hildesheim has four academic divisions: »Educational and Social Sciences«, »Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication«, »Linguistics and Information Science« and »Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Economics and Computer Science«.
      Interdisciplinary work, and narrowing the gap between theory and practice, are important components of the research and teaching profile of the University of Hildesheim. Its well-designed and tested educational studies programs as well as cultural studies and applied linguistics are the traditional strength of the University of Hildesheim. In addition, Psychology, Childhood Education, Diversity Education, Translation Studies, Inter­cultural Communication, Environ­mental Studies, Business Information and Computer Science programs are also in high demand.

      The University of Hildesheim offers good study conditions and pleasant study atmosphere in small courses with highly committed teachers. Moreover, regular course evaluations show that a majority of students are »mostly satisfied« or »very satisfied« with their courses, and students parti­cularly appreciate the engagement and commitment of the faculty. Accreditation reports have also noted the high level of teacher commitment and motivation among university faculty, as well as the personal atmosphere between students and professors.

      Why study and work in Hildesheim?
      We are a University with about 8000 students, which means everybody who is teaching knows his students. People from more than 80 countries study and work at our Campus. It is like a huge family. We are interested in the diverse intellectual interests from students and academics around the world.
      From early childhood to digital change: At University of Hildesheim, we offer a variety of study programmes – we have a profile which goes from education to cultural studies to languages and information technologies.

      Excellent study conditions, a fantastic staff/student ratio and personal contact with lecturers allows you to successfully complete your degree at the University of Hildesheim. We have unique partners in higher education around the world.

      International Campus

      The University of Hildesheim is an internationally oriented and cosmopolitan university. The University welcomes a great number of international students each year, and the number of international full-time students is steadily increasing. The International Office supports these students in various ways to help them have an enjoyable and rewarding stay in Hildesheim.

      The International Office arranges rooms for international exchange students. At the beginning of the term, intensive German courses are offered. In addition, free courses with five different levels are offered during the term. The free German courses help the students to follow their study programmes which will predominantly be in German. Students can also meet with the academic tutor and departmental coordinators from their study programme who can answer specific study questions and can provide detailed information about study planning. We are willing to help you with questions about all life situations – visas, legal situation, applications. We take the time to discuss issues of all kinds in detail, this is more difficult at larger universities.

      We support international students

      During an introductory week, students receive important information about studying and living in Hildesheim. Students receive support in their scientific work in the free program »Welcome to Science«. Hildesheim students volunteer to help international students at the beginning of their stay in a »buddy program«. They help answer any questions.

      »I finished my thesis! It was a good chance to study in Hildesheim. I met many friends who are from other countries and good Professors. Jeongbeom Park studied information retrieval and machine learning. He is one of the first master students in the joint program »Global Studies on Management and Information Science«.

      Living in Hildesheim
      Hildesheim is a University city in Lower Saxony in the north of Germany and offers nature, sport activities, museums and World Cultural Heritage sites. The city has a good national and international connection to the traffic network.

      Hildesheim is a green city and offers museums, unique World Cultural Heritage sites, historical half-timbered buildings, a colourful cultural scene, sport activities with a beautiful picturesque surrounding countryside.
      You will find widely varied offers of culture, nature and history in this modern, flourishing city with a popu­lation of more than 100,000. The more than 8,000 students make Hildesheim a city filled with energy and creativity.Hildesheim is characterized by an active student life with student councils and student initiatives.

      World Cultural Heritage in Hildesheim
      Hildesheim is very rich in terms of culture. The Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum boasts one of the most impor­tant Ancient Egyptian collections in the world. The Cathedral with its unique bronze castings and the 1,000-year-old St. Michael‘s Church are UNESCO Heritage sites. Hildesheim is also well known for its unique free theatre scene and the »Theatre for Lower Saxony«.


      Supported by 
    • 2022-08-15
      Université de Lille
      里爾大學 [法國]

      我們將在2022/09/14 邀請到學校代表及校友,介紹及分享更多學校及相關資訊,手刀報名請至: 

      University introduction: "The University of Lille, a multidisciplinary institution of excellence located in the north of France, presents an exceptional cultural and scientific heritage inscribed in the history of the Hauts-de-France region. The University counts with 80,000 students (11,000 internationals), a staff of 6,700 people, 64 research units and 15 faculties and schools, and offers academic programs in all disciplinary fields. The University also attaches great importance to supporting its students and offering them a rich cultural and sporting environment, while being committed to sustainable development and the fight against inequalities.

      Furthermore the University of Lille has an extensive national financing plan for excellence (France 2030 – I-SITE) that allows it to benefit from special funds to develop innovative projects. These funds have allowed to build innovative Master programs taught in English in 4 areas of research excellence to lead the students to prepare for the Doctorate (Graduate programs) offering them mobility and excellence scholarships.

      You are invited to discuss and discover all the possibilities to join one of our graduate programs in Arts, Languages, Literature, Social Sciences, Humanities, Law, Management, Medicine, Science and Technology. 

    • 2022-08-15
      Émile Cohl
      Émile Cohl 藝術學院 [法國]


      想到留學法國,在浪漫之度裡向專業學習嗎? 千萬不可錯過法國知名動畫學院"埃米爾·科爾美術學院"。

      School introduction : The Emile Cohl School is named after Emile Courtet, aka Emile Cohl (1857 – 1938). It is an officially approved private art-education institute accredited with Visa status by the French State, strengthened by recognition in France as well as internationally. 
      Located in the heart of Lyon in a former industrial building on a vocational training campus, the Emile Cohl School prepares its students in all the fields of drawing and its professional components (illustrations, video games, comic books, 2D-3D computer graphics and animation movies).

      For non-French speaking students, the school has developed a one- year program :  Drawing FLE Preparatory. This program was designed to enable students to learn French and to acquire or improve basic techniques of drawing and painting which are required by major art institutions.

      All the professionals who give classes at Emile Cohl School are acknowledged in their fields and wish to offer their skills and advice to foreign students, so they may become accomplished artists.

      Student life is lively throughout the year. The school organizes integration parties, conferences on drawing and painting professions, Drawing in Concerts (combination of music and drawing) and the school participates as well in Lyon’s cultural events such as the Lyon Comics Festival and the Children’s Book Fair in Villeurbanne.  The school also houses a very dynamic Student Body Organization which co-ordinates a variety of clubs (photography club, film club, live model drawing, theatre, music club, singing club…) and manages a central purchasing unit which sells art supplies to students at discounted prices.

      Emile Cohl 美院的校名源於法國動畫藝術創始人Emile Courtet1857-1938)的姓名。作為美術繪畫教學的私立高等院校,我校頒發由法國高等教育與科研部承認的二級文憑(碩士文憑),並在法國內外享有美名。




      在課堂學習以外,課外活動也是學生生活的重要一部分——新生聯誼晚會、各類社團活動(攝影,電影,速寫,戲劇) 主題報告會、音樂會以及參加里昂諸多文化活動,例如里昂漫畫節,維勒班兒童書節等。此外學生會經營一個畫材特賣中心,以便學生能方便地購買價格便宜的畫材。

      了解更多學校資訊,請上 https://www.cohl.fr/

    • 2022-10-02
      ESSCA School of Management
      想了解更多嗎? 歡迎參加線上說明會。
      我們將於2022/10/12 晚上7:50進行線上說明會,由學校代表帶你深入了解,報名連結:
      學校官網: https://www.essca.fr/en

      Founded in 1909, ESSCA is one of the oldest business schools in France and one of the few in the world to have received three international accreditations - AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA. 

      ESSCA was the first business school in France to set up a five-year Grande Ecole program (combing the undergraduate and master's cycle), which was ranked N.2 in France by Le Parisien in 2021. The Master of Management program was ranked 60th globally by the Financial Times and 20th for its international courses experience in 2022. Its 3-year Bachelor in International Management was ranked N.4 in France (Challenges 2022).
      ESSCA offers fully English-taught program at undergraduate and master's level, with specializations in international finance, financial management, digital and big data, luxury marketing, sustainable management, global business management, etc. 

      ESSCA currently has 7,000 students and six campuses in France: Angers, Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Aix-en-Provence and Strasbourg, 2 international campuses in Budapest (Hungary) and Shanghai (China). ESSCA has 279 partner institutions in 55 countries around the world. 

      ESSCA students have excellent employability, with 85% signing employment contracts before graduation and 93% finding jobs within three months after graduation. 

    • 2022-10-02
      University of Cambridge
      我們將於2022/10/12 晚上7點,邀請學校代表,Ms. Olivia Matthewson / Regional Manager (East Asia)以及台灣校友,舉辦線上說明會及分享如何申請和校園生活,歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/GE6LXy



      In addition to attending the EEFT event on 18 October, you are also invited to attend our postgraduate open days from 31 October – 13 November. There will be additional sessions covering courses and Colleges and staff and students will be on hand to answer any questions that you may have. This is a great way to find out more about the courses that you might be interested in studying and get a feel for student life at the University of Cambridge.