• 成立於1969年,理想地位於工業和研究界緊密連接的地區,圖盧茲綜合理工為所有學生提供高質量的教學,適合公司特殊需求的多種課程選擇,快速的專業融入。圖盧茲綜合理工由6所工程學校聯合成立,請參閱 https://www.inp-toulouse.fr/en/index.html
  • 在各個經濟領域擁有14000名校友,圖盧茲國立應用科學學院是一所國際性,多學科的國立工程師學校,以其五年制教育的卓越表現而受到認可,吸引了高水平的學生, 請參閱 http://www.insa-toulouse.fr/en/index.html
  • 圖盧茲國家農業教育學校(ENSFEA)是農業和食品部(MAA)屬下的公立農業高等教育機構。成立於1963年,其任務是對農業產業的教師和教育顧問提供農業技術教育基礎培訓和持續培訓。http://www.enfa.fr/
英文授課專業: 法語授課專業:
  • 工程,農業生產,農業生物工業,農業食品,環境,可持續發展,生命科學,電氣工程和自動化,電子和信號處理,植物生物技術,計算機科學和應用數學,水力學和流體力學,電信和網絡,精細化學,農業工業化學,材料,化學工程,工業工藝工程,工業工程,機械工程,工業系統,產品質量和食品安全,氣象學和氣候
Toulouse INP, INSA Toulouse and ENSFEA are research and industry oriented public institutions under the authority of the Ministry in charge of Higher Education and or Agriculture, accredited toaward the Master diploma and the diplôme d'ingénieur.
  • Founded in 1969 and ideally located in a region where industry and research worlds are closely linked, Toulouse INP guarantees all students quality training, a wide choice of courses adapted to the specific needs of companies and a rapid professional integration. Toulouse INP Toulouse federates 6 engineering schools, see https://www.inp-toulouse.fr/en/index.html
  • With 14,000 alumni present in all economic sectors, the "Institut National des Sciences Appliquées" of Toulouse, an international, pluridisciplinary, state engineering school, is recognised for the excellence of its five-year education which attracts students of a high academic level. http://www.insa-toulouse.fr/en/index.html
  • The National School of Agricultural Education (ENSFEA) of Toulouse is a public higher education institution in agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food (MAA).Founded in 1963, its mission is the initial and continuing training of teachers and main educational advisers in agricultural technical education. http://www.enfa.fr/
Specializationsoffered in English:
Specializations offered in French: Engineering, agricultural production, agro-bio-industry, agri-food, environment, sustainabledevelopment, life sciences, electrical engineering and automation, electronics and signal processing, plant biotechnologies, computer science and appliedmathematics, hydraulics and fluidmechanics, telecommunications and networks, fine chemistry, agro-industrial chemistry, materials, chemical engineering, process engineering, civil engineering, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, industrialsystems, productquality and foodsafety, meteorology and climate

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