Created in 1907, ESSEC Business School is a world-school with French roots. Its purpose is to give meaning to the leadership of tomorrow and have a global impact.

The mission of ESSEC Business School is to create and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge, to train and develop bold and influential leaders for both the business world and society as a whole. ESSEC Business School encourages students to anticipate – and meet – the economic, managerial, social, environmental and ethical challenges of our uncertain world. The school helps them achieve more and more complex goals by leveraging technology with a human touch.

ESSEC is a graduate school with programs ranging from Bachelor to PhD, a wide range of Masters programs including our flagship Master in Management and Global MBA programs.

The following international pre-experience programs are offered at ESSEC:


Master in Management (MIM)
Master in Finance (MIF)
Master in Data Sciences & Business Analytics (DSBA)
Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB)
MSc in Marketing Management & Digital (MMD)

ESSEC also offers executive education and custom training designed and developed on-demand for our partners.
ESSEC holds the “Triple crown” of accreditations for global business education: EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA.

Among the leading higher education institutions in management, ESSEC features at the top of numerous national and international rankings. These results underline the School’s assets, notably the quality of its programs, its graduates and the professional perspectives open to them. ESSEC is ranked the 7th best European Business School by the Financial Times.
In terms of programs: 
Master in Management - 3rd worldwide, Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking 2019
Master in Finance - 4th worldwide, Financial Times Masters in Finance Pre-experience Ranking 2020 
Executive Education - 5th worldwide, Financial Times Executive Education Ranking 2020

The quality of ESSEC’s programs is also widely recognized by international recruiters: 98% of students in Master in Management recruited within the 6 months following graduation.

Through its undergraduate, graduate, executive education and PhD programs, ESSEC Business School trains agile, creative and open-minded professionals and fosters a spirit of lifelong learning. Our students learn to reconcile academic knowledge and cultural heritage with their own experience to develop individual and collective freedom and success. 

Since its creation in 1907, ESSEC Business School has built a reputation on high standards, a quest for excellence and a belief in intellectual freedom. A research driven academic institution, ESSEC has always tried to incarnate and transmit its five fundamental values of humanism, innovation, responsibility, excellence and diversity.

At the core of the ESSEC learning experience is a combination of excellence and distinctiveness. ESSEC’s unique educational model is based on education by experiences, that foster the acquisition of cutting-edge knowledge with the development of know-how and life skills. At ESSEC, we aim to empower students and give them the keys to imagine, create, lead and have a positive impact in the business world of tomorrow.

ESSEC invests to develop a unique learning approach that brings together knowledge, know-how and soft skills. ESSEC has been able to innovate and propose differentiating learning experiences to its students by combining a top-level academic education, professional experience and personal fulfilment. This unique learning model is a singular characteristic and a strength that ESSEC puts into perspective to take into account the impact of technological and cultural developments on the jobs of tomorrow, thereby remaining relevant in the training of future generations of leaders and entrepreneurs. This educational model will benefit from the values of our School – the latter necessarily forming the heart of the ESSEC experience – to educate leaders able to understand our major societal stakes, capable of adapting to the increasingly rapid changes and influencing them, who facilitate their implementation, and who inscribe the human dimension of business and management at the heart of their practices.

"The Pioneering Spirit".
Throughout its history, ESSEC has indeed been illustrated by some innovations that were subsequently taken over by other business schools.
ESSEC was the first French business school to create a student forum in 1961; and a Junior Enterprise in 1967.
It was also the first business school to open its access to women in 1969.
In the 1970s, ESSEC was the first business school to set up an à la carte program for its students. Today, this flexibility is one of its hallmarks: students can choose 70% of their courses and place them at the time of their choice in their schooling.
In 1986, it was also the first French business school to partner with large companies to create corporate chairs.
In 1994, it introduced the first business apprenticeships in higher education.
In 1997, it was the first school outside North America to be accredited by AACSB (the leading accreditation body for business schools).
In 2015, it became the first business school in the world to offer its students the opportunity to create their own courses.
In a more general way, the pedagogy set up is innovative with a first trimester focused on the preparatory class / school transition, SPOCs, MOOCs, inverted classes and learning by doing

ESSEC is a world-school. Our International campuses in Asia-Pacific and Africa are dual gateways that allow students to really immerse themselves into different cultures worldwide and develop genuine expertise about business in those regions. They allow our school to build deeper alliances with academic, private and public partners in those regions that are growing at an accelerated pace. ESSEC has built a network of alliances with academic partners worldwide so that its students’ learning journey is a true international one.


In May 2015 ESSEC inaugurated its new campus in Singapore and welcomes 1,500 students each year to its 6,500m2 site. Putting down roots in Singapore has enabled ESSEC to base research activities in Asia and develop its range of degree and executive education programs. A hub for the Asia-Pacific region, the Singapore campus was ESSEC’s first step on the road to a genuine multipolar structure.


ESSEC’s Executive Education program has now been rolled out internationally. During their 2nd, 3rd or 4th year of study, Global BBA students have the possibility to complete one or more semesters on the Rabat or Singapore campus. Within the context of intercampus mobility, their courses are adapted to relate to issues and concepts particular to the specific region. Two tracks are also offered to students of the Master in Management program on the ESSEC Africa campus.


ESSEC’s 163 permanent faculty members - representing 37 nationalities - have been trained in the most prestigious academic institutions in the world and publish their work in the best international academic journals. Through their research and participation in the public debate they help businesses, organizations and society as a whole to anticipate the economic, managerial, social, environmental and ethical challenges of the future.
The faculty is organized into departments covering the entire range of economic disciplines: management, accounting and management control, marketing, finance, economics, public and private policy, information systems, decision sciences and statistics, operations management.
74 talented students are also currently enrolled in ESSEC’s PhD program.


The 30 teaching and research chairs bring ESSEC into close collaboration with companies keen to develop innovative skills in their sector. Their role is to advance management science and practice in response to the latest challenges in the global environment.


ESSEC graduates are known for their spirit of entrepreneurship, and throughout their training
students are encouraged to imagine, create and take initiative. ESSEC has developed an
entrepreneurial ecosystem completes with seed capital, a business incubator, a social incubator and a business accelerator. Since the creation of ESSEC Ventures in 2000, 252 companies have been created - with a 5-year survival rate of 72%.


ESSEC is at the heart of a powerful ecosystem of partners worldwide. The school offers 30 double degrees with prestigious academic partners including Centrale-Supélec, the ENSAE, the École du Louvre, École Normale Supérieure, Saint-Cyr or University of Mannheim - Business School in Germany, Guanghua School of Management (Beijing University) in China, Università Bocconi in Italia, EGADE, Tec of Monterrey in Mexico, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.
It has forged partnerships with 218 prestigious universities spanning all 5 continents. These include the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in Chicago, Bocconi University and IE Business School, the Keio Business School in Tokyo, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Tsinghua University, National Taiwan University, University of Cape Town and University of Queensland in Australia...

ESSEC is a founding member of The Council on Business and Society, an international alliance created with 5 other leading business schools to study the critical issues facing businesses and society.


ESSEC has a duty to be at the forefront in order to give meaning to the leadership of tomorrow. Our ambition is to become a world-school with French roots and global impact.
This ambition is based on the excellence and the distinctiveness of ESSEC to offer a unique and relevant learning experience.
Our mission is, more than ever, to accompany our students, participants and companies to evolve in this world in perpetual change by calling upon the research, innovation and human values which have always driven us.

Our role is first and foremost to train the next generations for them to effectively enter the corporate world and have a positive impact on business and society and for the common good. They will have to develop skills in terms of openness, analysis, and adaptation to the new jobs of the future.
But our role goes even further: we must have a positive impact on companies, the economy, society and on this ever-changing world.

Being a responsible leader means being able to see beyond business as usual. Responsible leaders are able to value long-term benefits over short-term profits; they are able to blend corporate performance with employees’ well-being. To prepare its students for the world of tomorrow, ESSEC’s pedagogy seeks to awaken and develop creative and critical thinking, together with the learning-by-doing method.

Responsible leaders are those who can see the broader picture. ESSEC is a full ecosystem at the crossroad of rigorous and relevant research, innovation, business and society. At ESSEC we believe in bringing research and companies into the classroom, we also believe that learning doesn’t end with a degree: learning at ESSEC means becoming a life-long learner and joining a close-knit community of more than 60,000 Alumni all across the globe.

To anticipate and facilitate transformation and change, and influence them, we must strengthen our commitment to cutting-edge and relevant research capable of nourishing the economy and society, and to shed light on current challenges as well as those to come.

To meet the needs and stakes of our students, participants, companies and more widely the expectations of today’s society, ESSEC must turn towards the world arena and position itself as a reference business school, renowned for its quality and values, by the academic, professional and public communities.

ESSEC is a school that welcomes an increasing number of international students and faculty every year. We train our students and participants to work in an increasingly global economy while setting the values which are dear to ESSEC at the heart of our pedagogy: ethics, social responsibility and inclusiveness, as well as respect for diversity and care for the common good.
To become a World-School, we are strengthening our transnational reach which enables us to immerse our students and participants across continents which are changing and growing at a rapid pace. Our school is committed to becoming more and more an actor within its local communities, to be an integrated partner working with social, public and private actors within
each community where it is located. 

Finally, the World-School is embodied by the creation of the fifth ESSEC campus: The Digital Campus. Virtual and complementary to the existing campuses, this platform will guide students from their application to their graduation, then throughout their lives as alumni, by enriching their experience via personalized tracks, an adaptive learning path and exclusive learning and professional content. By combining digital technologies and AI, the Digital Campus will make ESSEC a platform, accessible from anywhere, at anytime.

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