A major player in the French educational landscape, INSEEC U. offers a new teaching model adapted to the challenges resulting from ongoing economic, digital, organizational, environmental and societal transition. INSEEC U. is a private multidisciplinary higher education and research institution working in the fields of Management, Engineering, Communication & Digital Media and Political Science, based in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Chambéry-Savoie, London, Geneva, Monaco, San Francisco, Shanghai and Abidjan, which trains 28,000 students and 5,000 managers every year.

INSEEC U.’s locations in the heart of major cities enable our students to benefit from the economic and cultural drive of the local markets. They also give INSEEC U. the opportunity to contribute to the life and development of an urban ecosystem and enhance INSEEC U.’s positioning and reach outside France.

We host international researchers, professors and students – proof of the appeal of our programs abroad. Foreign students represent 25% of the total enrollment and our permanent or visiting researchers and lecturers include 92 nationalities, thus contributing to the multicultural experience INSEEC U. seeks to provide.

Accreditations & Labels
The quality of our programs is guaranteed by labels, certifications and accreditations :
Certification of our master
’s degree the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation has certified our “Grandes Écoles” management program
  • Certification by the Monegasque State
  • International AMBA Accreditation
  • International EPAS Accreditation programs.
  • Engineer’s Title validated by CTI
  • Level I and II Certifications from the CNCP [French inter-ministerial commission for Vocational Certification]
The CSR dimension is recognized by the sustainable development and social responsibility label (DD & RS), granted by the Ministry of Sustainable Development, as well as by the 1st position obtained in UI GreenMetric Ranking of French Universities and Business Schools.

The 16 schools that make up INSEEC U. deliver academic programs in 4 disciplinary fields and 6 expertise areas. They include Bachelors (3/4 years of higher education), Master’s degrees, MSc (Master of Science), MS (Specialized Masters), DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) and MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs.

Network & Alumni
Since its foundation in 1975, INSEEC has built a solid network of companies which:
  • support the design of its programs and the creation of research chairs;
  • host its students for internships or work-study programs;
  • participate throughout the year in the schools by delivering lectures and conferences;
  • make themselves known and advise future graduates on their career choices during job fairs.
Currently, INSEEC U. has over 100,000 graduates present in all the sectors of the economy and all countries. Real professional network, the Alumni are both a source of pride and a strength for our schools and our students.

Gathered in associations, they participate in developing our programs and enhancing their reputation and visibility. Involved in the transmission of the values represented by their school, they are invited to come and share their experience and their view of their profession and to encourage future graduates.

They are also a support in the search for internships, work-study contracts or jobs and examples of inspirational career paths.
Statistics for the professional integration of our graduates prove their strong employability linked to the relevance of our programs and our support system for joining the employment market.

Official website: inseec-u.com
Programs and campus: inseec.education

For more information please contact: internationaladmissions@inseec.com