EICAR The International Film and Television School Paris

EICAR The International Film and Television School Paris


我們將於2023/02/8 (三) 晚上7點50分,邀請巴黎國際電影電視學校代表,共同舉辦線上說明會。法國巴黎國際電影電視學校成為歐洲主要的電影電視學胶,為世界各地的學生提供當今最大範圍且最新的設備工具,包括電影製作中的技巧與所需知識。就來法國學習最先進和最新電影電視專業人才。歡迎報名參加: https://reurl.cc/ymaXyD
更多學校詳請,請上: https://www.eicar.fr/

The school of creative industries in Paris

EICAR The International Film and Television School Paris, was founded in 1972. The International Department, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, was founded in 2000.
The EICAR international Department prepares the filmmakers of tomorrow with a comprehensive practical degree program incorporating the following disciplines:
  • Filmmaking and Audiovisual
  • Sound and Music
  • Production
  • Acting and Stage

A Training Ground for Excellency
Our degree programs and one year programs have been designed by professionals in the field. Our philosophy of « learning by doing » forms the core of our pedagogical approach to prepare students in all the aspects of production in an exercise based approach to classes where students master adapting technologies and learn by their mistakes.
Our partnerships with local companies also give students the chance to pursue internships for credit and our international network of alumni and teachers make taking that next vital step to starting a career, a little more accessible.
The objective of our programs is to prepare students for the challenging but thrilling film industry workplace by making them polyvalent filmmakers capable of accepting any challenge.

Build Your Professional Network
Fostering your contacts begins at school: our teachers are also professionals, our master class lecturers are working pros in the industry and the range of our visiting professors coming from the four corners of the globe to give workshops in their chosen field represents a valued opportunity to build one’s contact base.
This together with the international student alumni, who often make successful careers in different countries, means that our international department students are in a far more advantageous position to adapt to an industry that, by nature, is becoming more and more international: from financing and pre-production to crewing up.
Students take on different positions during the production period term, giving them valuable experience in a variety of different roles contributing to the most vital part of the education: lots of practical experience.

Think worldwide
At EICAR, we are first and foremost an international crossroads where not only French aesthetics and production techniques are explored, but also those of the world over. 

Our student body represents over 60 nationalities. This enriching atmosphere makes for more comprehensive training, but an interesting and diverse point of view that ultimately makes for richer films. Our Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking allow you to pursue your studies in universities worldwide, should you wish to further your worldwide education. 

EICAR is a member of the government student service Campus France that can be helpful in securing student visas, the only filmschool with the “Welcome in France” label.

EICAR is also a member of CILECT, the international association of film and audiovisual schools.


Launch your career
EICAR is a launching pad to give a real foundation for your passion. 
Our one on one instruction with professors help nurture and guide you in your projects and can provide real insight into possible career choices long after your studies have finished in the international department. 
85 percent of our alumni stay in the industry and manage to thrive worldwide in a variety of different career paths in the vast film and television industry !